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Event Tech Usage Report 2018

We analyzed 2,000+ events to provide the latest trends in event app engagement and adoption.

The Complete Checklist for Employee Engagement at Internal Meetings

Incorporate these tips for more engagement and participation at your internal meetings and training sessions.


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  • 3 Ways to Make Your Events More Interactive
    Think about an event like it were a great book. At the beginning of the book, it's all about capturing attention and sparking the reader's interest to keep turning the pages. Throughout the book, you re-engage the reader with twists and turns in the plot. By the end, the reader feels a sense of accomplishment, […]
  • DoubleDutch to go Big on Live Events in 2019
    Tomorrow evening in Phoenix (Wednesday, January 16), DoubleDutch will be hosting the first of what we expect to be a 50 event series of boutique events around the world.  The events are called StorySalons, and they are part story-telling karaoke, part tech-assisted networking, and part magic and serendipity.
  • What Makes a "Great Event" Great?
    We've all been to “great events.” Experiences that leave you feeling energized and inspired long after you leave the venue. But, as we reflect on this past year we began to really think about the question “what actually makes an event great?”
  • Community: The Last Authentic Marketing Channel
      The marketing landscape has shifted to a digital-first mentality.
  • A Customer Advisory Board to Remember, Featuring Boomset
    Every year DoubleDutch hosts annual customer advisory boards (CABs), this year we ran our East Coast event in Manhattan, New York. During these face-to-face gatherings with our customers we provide a forum for honest feedback and talk about trends forming in the industry. Our product roadmap, professional services, and emerging technology were topics of discussion […]

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