Live Engagement Studio

Define your brand experience and drive event success

Legendary events begin with an objective. Define the brand experience
with the Live Engagement Studio to align with your business goals and ensure success.

Easily Create and Customize App Experiences

Define app branding and icons.
Customizable Layout
Set up the look, feel, and placement of capabilities.
Feature Control
Choose which features to enable to drive measurable interactivity.

Drive Engagement Before Your Event Starts

App Promotion Campaigns
Customize, send, and track email invites to drive app adoption.
App Adoption Funnel
Track effectiveness of app promotion, from email sends through to active use, for optimization.
Social Interactivity
Start conversations early with topic-based channels, exhibitor/sponsor info, and more.

Personalize and Digitize Content and Communications

Attendee Personalization

Segment your audiences and personalize content across attendees to ensure a relevant experience.

Content Management
Seamlessly upload and manage agendas, interactive maps, and other event information.
Real-Time Updates
Make changes on-the-fly as the event progresses.
In-App Notifications
Leverage push notifications, promoted posts, and location-based messages to attendees at once.

Scale Events of All Shapes and Sizes

Quickstart Onboarding

Get started quickly with in-product walkthroughs for every event.

Multi-Event Management
Utilize event templates and duplicate prior events.
Granular Admin Controls
Manage user roles, permissions, content, and more from a centralized interface.
Multi-Language Support

Scale across the globe and deploy apps in multiple languages.

Empower Sponsors With Measurable Impact

Promoted Posts
Pin messages from sponsors at the top of the Activity Feed.
Sponsor Branding Opportunities
Allow sponsors to stand out with directory placement, branded splash pages, or an entire app section. Learn More
Sponsor Activities
Empower sponsors to run surveys, activities with associated achievements, push notifications, and more.

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