Keep Data Secure

A comprehensive and complete security and data privacy

Unmatched Protection

Built to Scale
DoubleDutch has multiple data centers across the globe, hosted by the world’s leading high-security infrastructure, Rackspace.
Data Privacy Taken Seriously
DoubleDutch is certified under the Safe Harbour Decision. We leverage data centers physically located in the EU and encrypt all data in transit and at rest.
Reliability On Your Side
Our service uptime measured over 99.5n 2015. Plus, we continuously monitor our platform’s availability and performance in a variety of ways.
Data Retention Guaranteed
We provide SSL through our server host, Rackspace. Our formal backup policy guarantees your data is available and safe no matter what.
Controlled App Distribution
Distribute your app through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and an HTML5 application. If you need the app on your internal network, we can help.
Compliance You Can Control
Secure access to the app and content studio with a single sign-on solution of your choice. SSO gives you control of content access and enables enforcement of password policies.

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