DoubleDutch Registration

A modern integrated solution to drive the right attendees to your event

Creating and planning events should be a simple and intuitive experience.  DoubleDutch Registration is easy-to-use, modern, connected, personalized, and secure.

Modern & Intuitive Registration Solution

Sleek Design
Easily create your event registration webpage by dragging and dropping content into effective templated designs.
Easy Setup
Intuitive user design makes back end configuration a breeze with no coding knowledge required for the setup user.

Maximize Reach with Targeted Campaigns

Segment Your Audience
Spin up email campaigns and measure their impact when sent to targeted attendee groups.
Integrate Salesforce
Sync your Salesforce instance to integrate customers, prospects, and campaigns into DoubleDutch Registration.

Integrate Registration with Your Mobile App Experience

Seamlessly Sync Attendee Data
Easily configure attendee data to seamlessly flow from the point of registration into the mobile event app.
Continuously Update Your Data
The continuous and automatic sync makes updating your data painless and smooth.

Personalize Your Attendee Experience

Qualify Attendees
Add additional fields at the point of registration to gather further intel into your attendees enabling you to further customize the event experience for segmented groups.
Segment Your Campaigns
Group attendees by preferences and demographics to customize campaigns around them up-leveling your event value.

Prioritize Security

Lock Up Your Attendee Data
Guaranteed GDPR compliant data storage systems to protect you and your attendees.

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