Live Engagement Performance Manager

Optimize event performance and prove ROI

Ensure event success with real-time insights to spot and address problem areas in-the-moment rather than after the fact. Then, demonstrate success and prove ROI with a comprehensive set of event metrics all within a single Performance Manager.

Ensure Success with Real-Time Analytics


App Adoption Funnel

Track effectiveness of app promotion, from email sends through to active use, for optimization.

Popular Content

Identify top sessions and speakers to ensure the right room size and promote where necessary to drive interest.

Trending Topics

Know what’s important to attendees and join the most relevant discussions as they happen.

Attendee Experience Metrics

Monitor event engagement and satisfaction based on activity levels, pulse surveys, text-based sentiment analysis, and more.


Understand relative success and engagement at your event with comparative benchmarks against similar events.

Improve Future Performance

Post-Event Engagement

Get a summary of key metrics across app adoption, usage, actions, influencers and more.

Deep-Dive Reporting

Generate detailed reports to gain specific insights on sessions, user activity, leads, and other areas.

Survey Results

Easily view survey responses in real-time.


Demonstrate ROI


Event Performance Overview

Understand the value of your event at a glance with a dashboard view across adoption, interactivity, and satisfaction, alongside supporting metrics.

Business Impact Analytics

Demonstrate the impact of events with a full set of metrics that tie content, company, and social engagement to the bottom line.

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