Live Engagement Marketing

Harness attendee insights to accelerate action

Unlocking the power of live events, DoubleDutch is disrupting the live event world by bringing the magic of software to live events. This new discipline is called Live Engagement Marketing, a new distribution channel to reach live audiences, while capturing valuable data to drive action and improve business outcomes.

DoubleDutch’s Live Engagement Platform empowers event professionals and marketers with a complete system of tools, integrations, and performance metrics that provides all of the key components needed to drive an effective Live Engagement Marketing strategy—and unprecedented data about each attendee, their actions and interests.

The Live Engagement Funnel is the framework to harness these signals and orchestrate events to move attendees toward desired business outcomes.

The Live Engagement Funnel

On average, more than 180 actions are completed per user in the Live Engagement Event App over the life of an event. Each of these actions falls into one of the four stages of the Live Engagement Funnel. The key to achieving the outcomes you want from your event faster is to systematically move attendees down the funnel.

Passive Stage

At the top of the funnel, attendees simply seek or browse content with Live Views of your event app.

Active Stage

With Live Actions, attendees respond to in-app content, such as bookmarking sessions, taking notes, or responding to a survey.

Engaged Stage

Attendees begin to establish Live Connections with others at the event, such as contributing insights and initiating conversations with one another.

Energized Stage

Finally, Live Meetings take place and attendees connect face-to-face, indicating the highest level of engagement.

Live Content Strategy

Your Live Content Strategy is the heart of your event. By creating, curating, and leveraging the right content, both live and digitally in-app, event marketers can quickly move attendees through the Live Engagement Funnel.


— Mainstage Presentations
— Breakout Sessions
— Breaks
— Happy Hours


— Agenda / Sessions
— Speakers
— Sponsor / Exhibitor
— Documents
— Attendee Profiles
— Custom Content


— Polls
— Surveys
— Push Notifications
— Promoted Posts


— Meeting Scheduling
— Activity Feed
— Live Q&A
— Session Channels
— Topic Channels


Live Engagement Signals

The Live Engagement Signals represent actions taken by attendees at each stage of the Live Engagement Funnel. Each signal shows the breadth of your attendees’ engagement and enables you to track where attendees are in the funnel.

Business Outcomes

By combining valuable attendee data with strategic content, you can now energize your attendees to action and funnel that energy into meaningful business outcomes.

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