Live Engagement Lead Manager

Personalize conversations to drive action faster

Leverage your events as a core component of your digital marketing strategy. Capture every interaction across your event to understand interests of each attendee. Assess lead scores across a spectrum of criteria, follow-up with personalized marketing to drive action faster, and deliver leads to sales with greater precision.

Capture Detailed Insights Across Every Attendee

Detailed Attendee Insights
Capture the actions of each attendee with a comprehensive metrics framework, enabling a clear understanding of their interests.
Lead Scoring
Enable scores to be associated with specific metrics, illuminating who are the hottest leads and what actions to take.

Personalize Responses to Drive Action

Activity Summaries
Arm sales teams with a detailed summary of an attendee’s activity to enable a relevant follow-up discussion.
Smart Recommendations
Ensure attendees discover personally relevant connections and sessions with intelligent recommendations in the app.
Activity Alerts
Trigger alerts when specific actions are taken (e.g. a whitepaper download) to follow-up quickly.

Integrate with Marketing Automation and CRM

Score and Qualify Leads
Transfer live engagement data into marketing automation systems so Marketing Operations can score leads and respond effectively.
Campaign Triggers and Alerts
Trigger personalized marketing campaigns and alert sales reps as attendees interact.
Lead Profile Updates
Automatically append activity summaries to profiles in the CRM system, enabling sales teams with info for a relevant follow-up discussion.

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