Integrations for Event App and Registration

Extend the power of the DoubleDutch platform by integrating with other event systems, automation systems or CRMs.

Seamlessly Integrate with Registration and Event Systems of Record

Seamlessly integrate with 100+ registration and event management systems to exchange the content you need to ensure event success.
Simplify content management and instantly exchange attendee, session, speaker, agenda information and more, with pre-built standard and select integrations.
For specialized needs, reach out to us about premium integration solutions to meet your unique technical requirements.

Accelerate Pipeline with Marketing Automation and CRM Integrations

Infuse your marketing campaigns and sales funnel with the power of Live Engagement Data.
Don’t just treat live events as a single marketing touchpoint — capture rich detail on every attendee and use it to drive action, from views, bookmarks, attendance, polls, surveys and more!
Integrate with marketing automation systems such as Marketo and Eloqua to score leads, trigger personalized campaigns, and alert sales teams as prospects interact at events.
Append event activity summaries to corresponding lead records in CRM systems like Salesforce, empowering sales reps to have relevant discussions.

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