DoubleDutch for Exhibitors

Turn your event into a more powerful lead generation channel and give your exhibitors—your biggest source of revenue—a reason to renew year after year
Offer Brand Visibility
Empower exhibitors to manage their company profile, add booth staff profiles, and upload collateral to support their brand presence.
Generate High Quality Leads
Equip your exhibitors with the ability to create promotional offers that are delivered to highly qualified attendees. Give them the ability to define an audience and not only generate additional booth traffic, but the right kind of booth traffic.
Retrieve Leads With Zero-Effort
Eliminate clunky hardware, offer unlimited lead scanning, immediate lead qualification, access to leads anytime, and the ability to measure booth staff performance—all through a seamless mobile experience.
Provide Metrics, Finally
Quantify the number of attendees interested in an exhibitor’s targeted offer, even if they never visited the booth. Combined with lead lists, give your exhibitors detailed metrics so they can make the most of their sponsorship and renew on-the-spot.

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