Event Apps for iPhone and iPad

Beautiful Conference Applications Native on iOS

Attendees carrying an iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad can depend on DoubleDutch’s mobile event app being compatible with the latest iOS Apple devices.

DoubleDutch’s powerful event app gives users the ability to communicate, collaborate and interact with the event they’re attending in real-time. The app also provides event organizers with the key performance indicators that only DoubleDutch’s data-driven event app can.

Apple-Centric Design

We understand and appreciate Apple’s Human Interface Design philosophy. Some of our engineers are former Apple engineers, so it is at the core of our DNA. Text is legible and embellishments are subtle.

Content-Forward User Interface

Our iOS and Android apps all have the same content and features, but each operating system embraces platform-specific gestures for users to access content in natural ways. The UI helps users understand and interact with content, and does not compete with it.

iBeacon Features

Apple’s iBeacon is a pivotal piece to some of the newest location-based features of DoubleDutch’s event app, including Location-based Messages.

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