Mobile Event Apps Built for Attendee Engagement

A modern, enterprise-ready event app to facilitate connections at your events.


What the DoubleDutch Event App can do for your brand:

Whether your event programs include internal meetings, sales kickoffs, incentive trips, or large user conferences, DoubleDutch has solutions for you. The DoubleDutch Event App is ready to scale with your events, no matter the type or size.


Create unique event app experiences with easy-to-use tools


  • Set-up the look, feel, and functionality of your event with no technical experience required.
  • Upload and manage agendas, interactive maps, session content, and all other relevant event information.
  • Segment your audiences and personalize content across attendees for a memorable experience.
  • Manage events across the globe and deploy events in multiple languages with GDPR compliance.


Engage attendees with captivating features and functionality


  • Send promoted posts and push notifications to alert attendees of updates to the agenda, sessions, speakers, and more.
  • Drive networking and start conversations early with topic-based channels, exhibitor and sponsor sections, and direct messaging.
  • Leverage beacons to push relevant updates to attendees based on their location or send push notifications with timely updates.
  • Keep everyone in the loop with event status updates, comments, likes, and follows.
  • Deliver surveys, set up live polls, and launch real-time Q&A during sessions to understand what makes your attendees tick.


Enable meaningful attendee connections with event technology


  • Digitize attendee profiles and facilitate networking based on interest and job titles to help your attendees initiate meaningful conversations.
  • Utilize smart recommendations to ensure attendees discover the most relevant connections and content.
  • Create group forums for attendees to connect over shared interests and share opinions.
  • Simplify networking with features such as digital business cards and lead scanning making it easy for attendees to exchange their information.


Optimize event performance and prove ROI


  • Use real-time data and analytics to monitor event app adoption and measure engagement based on attendee activity, survey and poll responses, trending topics, and more.
  • Export data like attendee engagement, content downloads, session attendance, and more.
  • Optimize marketing efforts for your next event after gaining specific insights into top sessions and speakers, influencers, and overall user activity.

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App Features



Keep your attendee data safe with data management best practices.

The Event CMS

Content management tools for event organizers to easily manage multiple events all in one platform.

event app cms


Seamlessly Integrate with Registration and Event Systems of Record.


Easy-to-use event agenda with bookmarking, filters and more.


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Lead Management

Track, personalize and convert leads from events.

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