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“Stop planning meetings. Start designing experiences.”


MPI partnered with DoubleDutch to create an event app experience that saw record-high adoption and engagement rates from attendees. Learn how they used our event app to facilitate a unique attendee experience...


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Event Overview

“Stop planning meetings. Start designing experiences.”  That was the theme of this year’s World Education Congress 2018 (WEC18) in June. WEC18 was an immersive event experience like no year prior for its nearly 2,300 attendees.  Meeting Professionals International (MPI), which produces this annual event, is the leader in the continuing education and networking space for event professionals globally.

MPI has partnered with DoubleDutch to deliver an event app experience for WEC for the past 3 years. This year was no different.

MPI reimagined the learning environment by creating experiential villages in an open setting instead of hosting sessions in formal, closed classrooms. The open floor plan, pep rallies, villages, and loads of activities for attendees created an unforgettable experience (true to theme).    

“The WEC18 app, created by DoubleDutch, embodied our event strategy to ‘start designing experiences’ in every way” 

Darren Temple


The WEC18 app, created by DoubleDutch, embodied our event strategy to ‘start designing experiences’ in every way,” commented Darren Temple, Chief Operating Officer at MPI. “From app functionality and incredible real-time insights to the onsite service provided by DoubleDutch, our attendees and MPI, in general, benefited tremendously from this partnership.

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We're excited to share other successes that MPI experienced while powering their event with the DoubleDutch Platform.


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MPI used DoubleDutch to Amplify the Event Experience & Drove Attendee Engagement

The organizers at WEC18 used sponsored posts to share live stories, daily recaps, and content from their website and social channels. The event team analyzed real-time engagement data to form insights into attendee interests and sentiments. These insights had the potential to create rich, effective evergreen content that can be used for years to come.

Let's take a look at some unique ways MPI used the DoubleDutch mobile app to facilitate experiences.

Live Polling

MPI ran a poll asking how many years attendees had been coming back to WEC. They then gathered the first year’s attendees onto a list.

Using DoubleDutch polls, they ran a real-time marketing campaign to get participation in interview videos to ask first-time attendees about their experience. MPI was successful in combining real-time marketing insights with content creation.  This resulted in quality marketing collateral to promote future events.

Real-time Content

MPI used the data they collected to create amazing content experiences, including stories for their print material. Each day of WEC18 they published “Onsite Daily,” a recap of what happened the day prior, along with featured stories from meeting professionals.

They used insights gained from polls, such as asking what attendees thought about trending topics in the industry (e.g. “What do you feel is the most innovative or disruptive technology in meeting planning?”). Then, MPI used those insights and statistics in their “Onsite Daily” publication.


Session Surveys

MPI promoted session surveys for every single session using the DoubleDutch event app. They were able to use that feedback to make decisions for real-time adjustments and inform next year’s programming.

Events are about the details, and surveying helps to optimize the details such as which speakers to invite back, and which session topics resonated most. More importantly, MPI was able to test how the new format of experiential villages, and the theme of “designing experiences,” was resonating with attendees.

MPI is an exceptional example of what it means to use event technology in all the right ways. We’re happy to have played a part in WEC18’s successful experience!


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