Internal Meetings

Elevate internal meetings with a live engagement app


"DoubleDutch fostered a Rite Aid community for all in attendance and it enabled them to share recognition for one another and excitement for the coming year."

Brian Dein,

VP of Operations, Rite-Aid

From sales kickoff meetings to leadership forums, deliver essential content while rallying your employees towards one goal.


Relay information easily

Keep employees in the know by sharing all agenda and event details in one, secure place. Deliver important announcements instantly through promoted posts and push notifications.


Make employees successful

Close the training gap by reinforcing session material. Keep session attendees engaged with polls and surveys. Make note-taking effortless and upload presentations for immediate access.

Drive purposeful connections

Create networking opportunities within a private social network. Build a strong team by connecting employees based on areas of expertise, interests, and more.

Keep the team engaged

Create a memorable and engaging kickoff with in-app gamification. Generate friendly leaderboard competition with points and badges and identify top influencers at the same time.

Inspire meaningful action

Amplify company vision and team goals in the activity feed. Encourage employees to celebrate each other and share best practices, through status updates, photos, and comments.

Improve every meeting

Get immediate feedback and make proactive changes on the fly. Improve the next meeting by uncovering insights on training sessions, speakers, attendee happiness, and more.

One Spot for Every Event

Sales Kickoffs & Trainings
Leadership Meetings
Corporate Meetings
Incentive Programs
Employee On-Boarding
Corporate Days & Holiday Parties

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