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Features List 7-16
Capabilities — TECHNOLOGY Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Mobile Platforms iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablets, HTML5  
Registration / General Integrations Preload attendees and event content Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Enable 1-way agenda data pull or 2-way schedule sync Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Custom integration     Add-on Add-on Add-on
Offline Mode Access content regardless of data network connection  
Customizable Custom splash screen, colors, and logos  
Choose your own features, menu layout, and settings  
QR Code Scanner In-app scanner enables point and click access to app items and information  
Last-minute Activation Keep features hidden until showtime  
Multi-Event Functionality Multiple events in one app, no app store re-submission needed  
Multi-Language Support Translate wording in the app into another supported language
(Current languages include: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian)
Cloud-based Admin / Analytics Panel - Web-based administrative Content Management System (CMS) for: App usage and engagement reports  
Updating content in real-time  
Managing app configuration  
Managing app and CMS users  
Creating new events within existing apps  
Security Enterprise-grade security  
Closed Network Closed or open registration available  
Maintain privacy around event-specific information  
Location-Based Messages / iBeacon / Bluetooth LE Push messages to attendees in range of a beacon with optional link to content within the app  
Event Provisioning and Copying Ability to create an event dependent on available licenses  
Choose a template customized by event type  
Select and copy content from an existing or past event  
Marketing Automation Integration Sync in-app activity for each attendee into Marketing Automation systems    
Score each attendee within the Marketing Automation system based on in-event activity to prioritize follow-up    
Automatically trigger personalized email campaigns based on real-time, in-event activity via the Marketing Automation system    
Send alerts to sales teams via the Marketing Automaton system, based on real-time attendee activities    
CRM Integration Push in-event attendee activity into the CRM contact record to foster relevant sales discussion    
Alert sales teams via the CRM on key attendee activities as they get loaded into the CRM in real time.    
Restricted Activity Feed Remove ability for attendees to post in the Activity Feed   Add-on Add-on Add-on
Content Visibility Permissions Manage visibility of in-app content based on attendee segments   Add-on Add-on
Mobile CMS Mobile-optimized Content Management System (CMS) to view feed activity, delete flagged posts, post push messages and promoted messages, reset attendee passwords, clear attendee data, and view real-time performance analytics  
Capabilities — CONTENT Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Agenda / Schedule Chronological sorting by day and time  
Filter Agenda by session tracks  
Ability to check-in to, rate, and add sessions to personal agenda  
My Agenda Add items to your personal agenda on-the-fly  
Preload individual schedules pre-event  
Attendee List Searchable list, filter by user interests  
Speaker List Speaker profile photo, bio, web and PDF links  
Ability to rate and bookmark speakers  
Searchable list  
Exhibitor / Sponsor List Company description, logo, booth number, category tags, web and PDF links  
Ability to rate and bookmark exhibitors/sponsors  
Searchable list  
Interactive Maps Interactive, multi-level maps and floor plans, links to exhibitors  
Point-to-point directions  
Live Polling Ask a question live with up to 5 answers  
Live results are refreshed every 5 seconds and are viewed in-app or on screen though a web page  
Attach to a specific session or poll attendees globally  
Surveys Ask questions with options for multiple choice or free form text answers  
Attach to a specific session or survey attendees globally  
Photo Sharing Share photos via status updates in the Activity Feed  
All photos downloadable from CMS  
Documents / Video Upload PDF collateral or handouts  
Link to external videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and view in-app  
Sponsorship Opportunities Promoted Posts in Activity Feed  
Sponsored App Section in navigation menu  
Sponsor Directory  
Sponsored Surveys  
Sponsored Achievements (Gamification)  
Sponsored Push Notifications  
DoubleDutch Logo / Branding “App by DoubleDutch” link at bottom of navigation menu  
"Get the app" screens on Game Day  
Emails sent through CMS  
Session Notes Add notes to each session in the app  
Edit notes, share notes through email, and view all notes in the app  
Mobile Badges Display a digital badge for each attendee in the app  
Sub-Sessions Agenda Ability to import and display multi-level, nested agendas via integration  
Capabilities — ENGAGEMENT Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Activity Feed Shows Status Updates and Photos posted by attendees  
Shows Promoted Messages and Global Polls scheduled in the CMS  
Shows personalized reminders for upcoming sessions, surveys to complete, sessions to rate, and attendee satisfaction cards  
Status Updates Publish updates with text and/or images  
Ability to tag updates with relevant app content  
Message is posted to the global Activity Feed or session feed  
Push Notifications Custom messages, can be scheduled in advance  
Ability to segment messages by user group  
Promoted Posts Custom image and message pinned at top of Activity Feed for a specified time period  
Can be scheduled in advance  
Link to survey, app content, or web URL  
Comment / Like Add comments or "like" any status update  
Indicates popular topics or influential people  
@mentions / #hashtags Call out or respond to other users in the Activity Feed with an "@" before their name  
Users are notified when their name is mentioned in the Activity Feed  
Call attention to particular topics with a "#"  
Comments using the same hashtag are aggregated and can be viewed in a separate feed  
User Profiles Includes profile photo and editable fields for name, title, and company  
Complete profile by importing information from LinkedIn  
Option to include links to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts  
Shows status updates posted by the user, achievements earned, in-app connections, and topics of interest  
Allow user to send private, in-app messages to other users  
Direct Messaging Allow attendees to send private messages to each other  
Topic Channels Group messaging around specific topics of interest  
Session Channels Group messaging attached to each session  
Social Media Integration Allow status updates to post to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook simultaneously  
Following Follow an attendee to be notified when they post status updates  
Reviews / Attendee Feedback Users can leave reviews on all items (sessions, places, speakers, exhibitors, etc)  
Following Follow an attendee to be notified when they post status updates  
Session Check-in Attendees check in to indicate attendance  
Bookmarking Bookmark speakers, exhibitors or sponsors, etc. and save them as favorites for viewing later  
Rate and Review Rate speakers based on 5 stars and include a review  
Calendar Sync Export items from My Agenda to mobile device�s calendar  
Gamification / Leaderboard Encourage certain attendee behavior by awarding points and achievements for surveys, polls, ratings, status updates, check-ins, commenting, and liking  
Leaderboard shows top 20 point-earners, click on attendee photo to view profile info  
Session and People Recommendations Display personalized session and connection recommendations  
Attendee Meeting Scheduling Schedule meetings with a click from the attendee profile    
View an automatically created list of mutually available times to choose from when requesting a meeting    
Get invites outside of the app and view upcoming or pending meetings from within the event app    
Session Tracking In-app badge scanner for each session   Add-on Add-on
Export report on attendee, session, scanner and timestamp information   Add-on Add-on
Capabilities — Adoption Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Welcome Emails Send email directly from the CMS to invite attendees to download the app  
Daily Digest Emails Send automatically generated emails at midday and end of day showing popular app content and recommending who to follow  
Game Day Multi-screen immersive experience showing most popular status updates, photos, leaderboard, and reminder to download the app  
Capabilities — ANALYTICS Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Event Performance Real-time event analytics showcase engagement and adoption  
View app adoption funnel, attendee satisfaction score, engagement score and recommendations  
Usage Data View total number of users, actions, updates, likes, comments, bookmarks, check-ins, surveys, polls, and percentage of iOS, Android and HTML5 users for the timeframe specified  
Popular Content View most popular sessions and speakers (based on status updates, check-ins, ratings, bookmarks, and more)  
App adoption funnel View emails sent, open rate, click-through rate, app logins, and overall conversion rate  
Attendee Experience Metrics View attendee happiness score (based on sentiment analysis of ratings, reviews, and positive and negative status updates)  
View overall event engagement score (benchmarked against similar events)  
Trending Topics View most commonly used phrases and hashtags  
Influential Attendees View most influential attendees (based on follows and status updates by comments/likes)  
Recommendations View recommendation for improvements on event performance  
App Section Visits View which app sections are most visited  
Visual Survey Reports View survey responses in bar chart format  
Downloadable Reports Generate data reports on status updates, sessions, devices, user activity, gamification points, badges, app content, surveys, polls, ratings, promoted posts, session attendance tracking, and beacons  
Capabilities — EXHIBITORS Description Per Event (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Starter (legacy only, not generally available) Platform – Standard Platform – Advanced Platform – Enterprise Add-On
Exhibitor Dashboard Exhibitors can add or update company information, collateral, and booth staff  
Exhibitors can purchase Lead Retrieval, give or remove permission to users to scan leads, and view and export scanned leads  
Exhibitor Profile Display exhibitor company information, collateral, and booth staff in the app  
Lead Retrieval Enabled in app for booth staff only (not visible to Attendees) Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Scan QR/bar codes on Attendee badges to capture leads Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Access a list of leads in the app as they are captured Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
View in-app social profiles of captured leads Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Offline functionality allows leads to be captured in low/no connectivity Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Lead reports available for download in the dashboard Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on

Version 03.2017

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