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Gainsight is a company that provides a complete Customer Success solution that helps their customers grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upsell, and driving customer advocacy. Every year, Gainsight hosts an annual event called “Pulse. And while the event is a great opportunity for Gainsight to get exposure and attract new customers, their main goal is to educate about the importance of Customer Success as a growing industry amongst practitioners and executives.

As a company that puts the customer first, the use of the DoubleDutch platform was a no brainer for leveraging the customer experience during Pulse.  The event has grown tremendously over the past few years, starting off in 2013 with 250 attendees, and growing ten-fold to well over 3,000 by 2016.


"Our conference is about connecting people together - it’s not just about the sessions and the presentations, it’s about everything that happens in between. All the social communication and connections that happen on DoubleDutch between our attendees, is the absolute heart of what we do at our conference."

Nick Mehta,

CEO, Gainsight

Ditch the Paper - Go Social

Gainsight decided not to use printed guides at all, so attendees had to download the app if they wanted to access the agenda. While this got people into the app, it was the social experience that kept them there. In the past, the attendee conversation was split between Twitter and the app, with slightly more activity taking place on Twitter. This year, however, the ratio flipped, with more attendees using the app to take part in the Pulse conversation.

“We work really hard to strike a balance between making Pulse an educational event, but also a fun experience for our attendees,” said Samantha Wheatley, Director of Brand Development. “The app really helped us in both respects; on the one hand, it was a great resource for content, speaker information and logistical details, but on the other hand, people used it to socialize, connect, and post pictures of cool activities – like the food trucks, pub crawls, etc.”

The app also allowed teams from different companies that had a presence at Pulse, to collaborate and share information. Pulse had multiple session tracks, so teams were able to split up and attend several sessions at once – and then share insights in the app.

Amplifying One Voice to Reach Thousands of People

The ability to communicate directly with their attendees, pre, during, and post event, was the foundation for success. Gainsight wanted to use the app to build more personal connections with attendees in 2016. By leveraging features such a Topic Channels, surveys, polls, and 1:1 meetings, Gainsight saw immediate success.

Pre-event, the Gainsight team watched as excitement upon arrival filled the activity feed. Resources and thought-leadership was shared through 31 curated Topic Channels, and sales reps successfully met with prospects through direct messaging and scheduling 1:1 meetings through the app.

Often times on event day there are last minute changes or important updates that have to be communicated in the moment. Promoted Posts were used in the app, and pinned to the top of the activity feed for a set amount of time. Such announcements were crucial in helping the Gainsight team reach their attendees, speakers, and exhibitors throughout the event.

Post event, Gainsight hosted a virtual Pulse wrap up call, called “Pulse Check.” Speakers gathered for a full day to dive deeper into topics, and review survey data – collected through the DoubleDutch platform.


"For us, DoubleDutch is beyond (measuring) ROI. It’s actually how we run our events, it’s how our attendees connect together, it’s actually part of the event. So to some extent the ROI of DoubleDutch is the ROI of Pulse which for us, is the highest performing thing we do."

Nick Mehta,

CEO, Gainsight

Using Data to Facilitate Better Experiences

Additionally, post event, Gainsight was able to pull actionable data from the app to help them better understand – and learn from – their attendees’ experience. For example, Pulse included a track called “Success Unplugged”, and the Gainsight team was eager to see how this track was received. The session was done workshop style, and they had attendees sit in groups of eight around a table to work together and solve a problem. People ended up really loving this activity – and this was clearly reflected in the app. Attendees gave glowing reviews both when they rated the session, and in the Activity Feed. The feedback was great validation for the Gainsight team, who will be replicating this activity in the future.

Another helpful insight from the app was discovering the most popular speakers. There were a few standout speakers at the event that were not necessarily high profile, but were rated extremely favorably in the app. Since Gainsight hosts a lot of smaller events, they are hoping to leverage these speakers’ popularity and bring them back to attract more people to these gatherings.

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