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DoubleDutch Comes Through in the Clutch

Think about it. If your company’s flagship technology conference is all about creating effective digital experiences, then the way that attendees interact with breakouts, demos, and events should be pretty robust and cool. At least, that’s the way Marketing Programs Manager, Kathryn Slattery and Marketing Director, Annette Obermeier saw things while planning their annual Ascend conference.

"I personally think that if you don’t have an app at a conference or at a large-scale event, you’re behind the ball."

Kathryn Slattery,

Marketing Programs Manager

The Right Time to Build a Better Experience

To give you some background, Episerver creates a content management system (CMS) and E-commerce platform called the Digital Experience Cloud. It includes all the tools any organization needs to easily manage content, optimize digital marketing, and deliver a friction-free user experience.The company’s annual Ascend conference is where customers and partners come together to see what’s going on in the CMS industry and to learn more about the Digital Experience Cloud. The 2015 event featured insightful and educational customer stories, hands-on labs, breakout sessions and workshops, and an unbelievable networking event.


More than an App, Episerver Got a Partner

While Kathryn and Annette were planning the actual event, they wanted the 600 attendees to interact with a streamlined, interactive conference guide app to make things easy, interesting, and transparent. They looked for a vendor to offer a compelling experience while also remaining true to the Episerver technology promise. It didn’t take long to choose DoubleDutch.

"The Ascend conference is where our customers and partners come together. Last year’s event had about 600 attendees made up of business and technology leaders as well as developers, content managers, and merchandisers. It really was imperative that we would have an app there."

Annette Obermeier,

Marketing Director

One Platform, Multiple Moving Parts

With so many things going on during the conference, the Episerver team wanted a simple mobile app to deliver the right information at the right time. But beyond schedules and time management, the team also wanted a productivity and social networking tool. They wanted to empower attendees to join conversations, build credibility, spark friendly competition, get the scoop on speakers and experts, and actively connect with prospects, partners, and presenters alike. Based on user feedback, they got all of that and more.Analysts and media saw a company surrounded by real momentum and excitement and didn’t hesitate to share it. Technology media blog Diginomica.com highlighted Episerver and the Ascend conference in a recent article about tech conference apps, specificially highlighting their success with DoubleDutch. You can read it here.


"Prospects saw a confident and vibrant community of happy customers and partners, and said, ‘I want to be a part of that.’ Partners got a platform to showcase their solutions and interact with our customers — they also saw a level of commitment and professionalism that told them Episerver is a strong partner to work with."

Kathryn Slattery,

Marketing Programs Manager

Real-Time Data Capture is Key

The Episerver team was excited that their app supported real-time insights across the entire event lifecycle. Instead of a passive mobile app that merely replaced a printed guide, Episerver created a dynamic app experience that could map pre-event analytics, track performance during the event, and provide post-event insights. It was exactly the kind of data that boosted the team’s confidence and helped make smarter decisions while planning this year’s event.

DoubleDutch is the Clear Choice Moving Forward

By working with DoubleDutch, the Episerver team delivered an interactive event app that not only extended a positive image of the company’s brand, but perfectly embodied the kind of customer experience that is their stock and trade. It turned out to be the ideal fit for their Ascend conference.

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