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Conference App a Hit with Attendees and Sponsors

The California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA) represents 4,000 members—the majority of them working with individuals with autism or similar disabilities. Part of CalABA’s job is to provide members with the tools they need to best serve their clients and constituents. The annual CalABA conference is the primary means of making that happen.

Not only do members learn about the latest advancements in their field, but the conference is also the best opportunity for CalABA to generate revenue through industry sponsorships. At the 2016 Conference held in February, platinum-level sponsors were provided free downloads of the conference app powered by DoubleDutch.


"DoubleDutch was a huge, huge part of this leveling up of our conference that we had in February."

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger

Member, Board of Directors

Impressive App

CalABA sponsors were impressed with how well the DoubleDutch technology performed at the conference. They particularly appreciated the app’s Smart Recommendations feature, which uses intelligent algorithms to suggest relevant connections between attendees. It turns out that CalABA was able to increase sponsor revenue by 40%.


"We got our largest single sponsor donation to date. A reason - the sponsor - did this because they were so invested in our use of technology within this conference ... they knew they would get the branding within DoubleDutch, and that was a feature that we were able to provide for all of our platinum sponsors."

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger,

Member, Board of Directors

Helping Behavior Professionals Make an Impact

Sometimes just a single connection can change a person’s life, even indirectly. At the annual CalABA conference, it was crucial that researchers, educators, and practitioners in the behavior analysis field could connect and network with others who share the same goals. Using Networking Tags, the DoubleDutch mobile event app allowed users to easily locate attendees with common interests, then connect, interact, and share information via exclusive conversations using the app’s direct messaging feature.


Intuitive and Fully Customizable Tools Helped Refine a Brand, Achieve Objectives

Successful events start with a clear objective. The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Studio allowed CalABA event planners to easily create a customizable app layout that both enhanced their brand and tracked measurable goals. Admins quickly set up the look, feel, and placement of features and icons within the app to ensure optimum interactivity among attendees.


"Behavior analysis is a data-driven, science-based field, so we love data. The DoubleDutch app provided this fusion of data-gathering technology with a kind of a social media feel."

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger,

Member, Board of Directors

A Powerful Combination of Data Gathering Technology and Social Media Tools

Whether exchanging ideas, joining a discussion, or scheduling a time to meet, the DoubleDutch mobile event app made it easy for a disparate group of 2,100 attendees to communicate with each other right from their phone or tablet. In turn, CalABA was able to review attendee comments, conversations, and “likes” during each scheduled event, then use the information acquired from the DoubleDutch app to make improvements to next year’s event.

Using Timely Info to Make Smarter Decisions in the Future

The data gathered at CalABA’s 2016 event is the core component of CalABA’s 2017 digital marketing strategy. The data from DoubleDutch Event Performance allows the association to capture multiple interactions across the entire conference event to better understand the interests of each attendee. DoubleDutch provides the ability for CalABA event planners to generate detailed reports and derive powerful data to improve future performance.

About CalABA

Formed in 1998, the California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA) is the primary clearinghouse for research and training in behavior analysis in the Western Region of the United States. The mission of CalABA is to promote the science and theory of behavior analysis through the support of research, education, and practice. CalABA sponsors the top regional conference on behavior analysis in the United States.

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