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At CDNLive, a global roadshow, Cadence hosts developers, engineers, and designers who are creating today’s most exciting hardware and software products. As a company that prides itself on innovation, Cadence turned to DoubleDutch to engage tech-savvy event attendees with a compelling, interactive mobile experience at these events. With a nine city (Boston, China, EMEA, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Silicon Valley and Taiwan), global roadshow on the shoulders of Global Events Director, Jeannette Guinn, she found herself drawn to the platform DoubleDutch was able to provide for her robust set of conferences.


"Cadence prides itself on innovation. Being able to be on the cutting edge of how people are engaging is really important to us, and also understanding the persona of the people attending our events."

Wandia Chiuri

Digital Marketing

Producing a Global Event Series Takes Teamwork (and Tech)

While building the app, Cadence’s Global Events Director, Jeanette Guinn, soon realized it would take working with the rest of the marketing team, including campaign marketing and product marketing, to pull off a global roadshow. From promotion to content placement and refining the speaker and session lineup for each CDNLive event, it took the entire muscle of the marketing team to layout a consistent mobile experience.The team was tasked with creating a dynamic mobile experience that would make the information from this highly collaborative process easily accessible to attendees. The DoubleDutch Studio (content management system) allowed Cadence’s marketing team to quickly populate its customized CDNLive app with bios and descriptions of their 150+ speakers and sessions, upload customized icons, input strong content — and easily update agenda details on the fly.

Although building a mobile app was new to the Cadence team, they found the DoubleDutch studio provided them with an easy, user-friendly, walkthrough to launch their new initiative successfully.

Cadence Event

"DoubleDutch totally changed the user experience of CDNLive — and that was our intention."

Jeanette Guinn

Global Events Director

Simple In-App Nudges Spur Engagement

The Cadence team found the DoubleDutch Event Performance Manager to be especially valuable. The tool provided a live, ongoing look into attendees’ interests and sentiments during the event. The marketing team used that information to encourage even more in-app activity from attendees during the event, by hosting contests during the event and sending targeted messaging post-event. Using the built in leaderboard, Cadence assigned point values to in-app action taken by attendees. By gamifying the experience, Cadence was able to reward its most engaged users, and seek quality user-generated content from the activity feed and survey responses.

The company needed to ensure the app user experience matched the seamless experience customers have come to expect from Akamai’s CDN platform. On the advice of the DoubleDutch customer success team, the Akamai team performed extensive testing and QA before attendees arrived at Edge. The Akamai team needed to ensure in-app information was accurate and that pages would load properly on any device attendees might use. The DoubleDutch team worked closely with Akamai’s marketing team to make the app ready for primetime.

A reliable app is essential if modern marketers are to capture the most impactful data available to them: live engagement data. If the event app doesn’t work, attendees are apt to find alternative ways to connect (e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook), or simply abandon the app altogether. Once that happens, marketers lose access to rich event engagement data that can inform marketing and business decisions.


Post-Event Reporting to Gauge Success

The DoubleDutch Event Performance Manager tool allowed the marketing team to report back to Cadence’s senior management on their key performance metrics. The insights Cadence picked up from attendees at its global roadshow are now helping the marketing and events teams shape the content and user experience for future CDNLive events. The 2016 roadshow was such a success, it was a no-brainer to not only implement DoubleDutch for the 2017 roadshow, but the amplify its power by pushing each feature to it’s full potential.


"The snapshot view of user activity and engagement in the DoubleDutch CMS gave us some big numbers to take back to our executives and say, 'Yes, this is good. We need to do this again."

Jeanette Guinn

Global Events Director

About Cadence

Cadence Design Systems, Inc., enables electronic systems and semiconductor companies to create the innovative end products that are transforming the way people live, work, and play. Cadence software, hardware and semiconductor IP are used by customers to deliver products to market faster. The company’s System Design Enablement strategy helps customers develop differentiated products — from chips to boards to systems — in mobile, consumer, cloud datacenter, automotive, aerospace, Internet of Things, industrial and other market segments.

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