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Want Hundreds of Leads? Just Ask!

BlackLine offered apps at their events before using DoubleDutch but grew frustrated with the lack of capabilities from other vendors. After much trial and error, BlackLine chose DoubleDutch because of the easy customization features, leaderboards, marketing reports and more.

Like any good industry or user conference, InTheBlack is also a lucrative lead generation and deal acceleration event for BlackLine. At the 2016 event, the company prompted prospects through the DoubleDutch-powered app with a poll asking, “Would you like someone at BlackLine to follow up with you on this session topic after the event?” What started as a simple suggestion from an account manager ended up generating valuable leads.


"We had about 200 people that wanted to be followed up with after the event, which was huge for us. We didn’t have to spend any money and we got so many leads from just this one question. From there we built out a campaign to follow up with people, and I think we’re going to go even heavier next year."

Eduardo Valladolid

Director, North America Enterprise Marketing
In addition to the social component of the event, the event team at Sime requires comprehensive analytics to help refine their events strategy over time. Long gone are the days we hang last year’s graphics, and recruit the same speakers. Sime needed trustworthy feedback to help drive impactful event changes and a tool to measure and organize the data.

Identifying Raving Fans With Interaction Data

The BlackLine team knew that their in-app data was a valuable tool to help identify and motivate potential customer advocates in their community. In the past, BlackLine’s marketing team had struggled to schedule and round up customers to do video testimonials while at the event — a familiar hassle for any customer marketer. This year, BlackLine decided to send a push notification offering cool swag in return for a quick video testimonial at a specific location. It worked so well that they had to turn some customers away.

BlackLine also looked at its app leaderboard, drawn from attendees’ in-app behavior, at the end of the conference to identify customers who were the most engaged and enthusiastic about the event and the product. The company followed up with those customers under the assumption that if they were so enthusiastic within the app, they would also be enthusiastic about participating in a case study, a speaking opportunity, or a customer reference call.

And at the end of the event, all of these interactions, surveys and in-app data provided a clear view of ROI for BlackLine.


"The survey reports and data that we pulled from the interactions in the app have definitely proven to be valuable for the reports we present to executives to prove event ROI."

Diane Romualdez

Director of Corporate Events

Even Accountants Like to Network

Networking is among the top attendee priorities at industry and user conferences. By offering numerous ways to network through the DoubleDutch app, BlackLine saw a much higher rate of networking and interaction among customers, prospects and partners than ever before. Not only were customers meeting face-to-face, they held over 3,900 conversations in the app. The leader board winner commented 593 times and received 607 comments alone. The amount of knowledge share was unstoppable.


"A lot of our prospects and customers were highly engaged with each other, being able to network and really build a community within the app."

Diane Romualdez

Director of Corporate Events

A Consistent Branding Experience in the App and IRL

The BlackLine creative team was thrilled about its ability to apply the InTheBlack event branding within the app as well.

"Everything has the look and feel of the event, and being able to bring that into the app — whether that’s on the splash screen or designing custom icons — it’s important!"

James Kim

Senior Creative Director

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BlackLine is a provider of cloud-based solutions that transform Finance & Accounting (F&A) by automating, centralizing and streamlining financial close operations, intercompany accounting processes and other key F&A processes for large and midsize organizations. Designed to complement ERP and other financial systems, BlackLine’s cloud platform increases operational efficiency, real-time visibility, control and compliance to ensure end-to-end financial close management and accounting automation.

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