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DoubleDutch Posts a Big Win for the Largest Annual Association Event

ASAE is the American Society of Association Executives—think of it as the association of associations—and their once-a-year event is the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, the super bowl of the association space. So when Reggie Henry, the Chief Information Officer for ASAE, and his team needed an industry-leading Live Engagement Event App to transform passive attendees into active participants, they chose DoubleDutch.


"DoubleDutch is much different than most of the event apps out there, which are focused on logistics. This is focused on people and the experience, which is just different. That’s why we chose DoubleDutch."

Reggie Henry


Thousands of Association Professionals, All Connected Through a Single Interface

One of the key goals of the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition is making connections among the association community. It’s where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather for three days to exchange time, resources, strategies, solutions, and more.

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform provides a connection between every ASAE attendee via a single interface. This allows attendees to easily learn, connect, interact, and share information with each other. In short, it gives them complete control over their event experience.


"Events are important to ASAE because of the opportunity to connect members face-to-face. DoubleDutch allows us to be a really good at that, and that’s something that our members really appreciate from us. That’s why we call our annual meeting the super bowl of the association space."

Rob Lee


Learn, Connect, Share, and Interact: All with One App

At the ASAE 2016 event at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, the association wanted all attendees to get the most out of their event experience. It was critical that everyone in attendance be able to create custom schedules, learn about exhibitors, take notes during sessions, and engage with fellow attendees—all from the convenience of their mobile device, and translated into numerous languages. With the ASAE Annual app powered by DoubleDutch, all this and more was available to anyone who downloaded the free app.


"The day we launched the DoubleDutch app, people got in there and started posting and making connections for our upcoming event. It allowed attendees to really pre-game the event while customizing their experience by creating schedules and bookmarking the exhibitors that they want to see."

Amy Hissrich

VP Web Strategies and Communication

Don’t Just Feel the Energy, Measure It

At their annual event, ASAE energized the audience with esteemed keynote speakers from around the world, including twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly. To measure the response from attendees, ASAE relied on DoubleDutch attendee networking technology to gauge levels of interest by reviewing comments, conversations, and “likes” during each speech—as well as every scheduled event. The association then used that information to make improvements to subsequent events.


"We use DoubleDutch to measure the energy of our events, mostly through the activity feed, seeing how people are posting takeaways during sessions. We use the DoubleDutch Studio analytics to see the top speakers that were bookmarked, top sessions and exhibitors and we use that information to see how we will leverage it for the event next year."

Jessica Wolcott

Associate Manager, Communications

Find the Right People, Right Away

With more than 21,000 members from a wide variety of professions and industries, it’s critical that ASAE attendees quickly locate and directly communicate with other attendees with similar interests.The DoubleDutch app facilitates interaction by allowing attendees to choose networking tags that represent their interests and areas of expertise, then display those tags via the Attendee List. This promotes easy discovery and networking through direct messaging among attendees with shared interest and goals—even well before the start of the event. For an organization and event that’s all about “associations,” it turned out to be a perfect extension of the brand.

About ASAE

The American Society of Association Executives is an organization for association management that represents both organizations and individual association professionals. The ASAE mission is to help association professionals achieve previously unimaginable levels of performance by nurturing its 21,000+ individual members in more than a dozen association management disciplines, from executive management to finance to technology. Learn more about ASAE.

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