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Events are an important way for Akamai to educate brands on the latest digital marketing trends. The marketing team hosts multiple events a year, but the largest is Edge, its annual customer conference. The event attracts some of the biggest brands in the world and over 3,000 attendees. The conference is an important place for Akamai’s customers to learn about current trends, challenges, take part in training and development, and connect with other users.

Akamai’s marketing team needed an event app that attendees could easily download and use during the event, while also capturing engagement and interaction data that the entire company could use to grow the business. Akamai turned to DoubleDutch because of top-notch support, extensive customization and reporting features, and simple integration with existing sales and marketing tools.

Delivering a Seamless User Experience

In 2016, Edge attracted more than 3,000 people to San Francisco. With its DoubleDutch-powered app, Akamai provided each attendee with an intuitive tool to browse speaker bios and session descriptions, and to navigate the busy event floor. The direct messaging feature in the app also gave attendees the ability to arrange meetings with fellow attendees, or Akamai employees, during the event. Akamai evaluated several app platforms, but ultimately chose DoubleDutch for its 2015 and 2016 events.


"The integration and the stability of the platform were really critical. The ability for the app to function offline in a seamless fashion — always there, always accessible — is very critical to us because that's how our platform behaves to our end customer."

John Buten

Sr. Director, Global Marketing

The Secret to a Successful Event? Preparation

The company needed to ensure the app user experience matched the seamless experience customers have come to expect from Akamai’s CDN platform. On the advice of the DoubleDutch customer success team, the Akamai team performed extensive testing and QA before attendees arrived at Edge. The Akamai team needed to ensure in-app information was accurate and that pages would load properly on any device attendees might use. The DoubleDutch team worked closely with Akamai’s marketing team to make the app ready for primetime.

A reliable app is essential if modern marketers are to capture the most impactful data available to them: live engagement data. If the event app doesn’t work, attendees are apt to find alternative ways to connect (e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook), or simply abandon the app altogether. Once that happens, marketers lose access to rich event engagement data that can inform marketing and business decisions.


"We downloaded the app on iOS and Android to ensure all of the content was available and that it looked the way we wanted it to. In doing that, we eliminated issues onsite with people not having the most up-to-date version of the app. And if anything did come up, we could make those changes and release a newer version."

Josh Patnod

Marketing Automation Specialist

Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

Akamai’s pre-event preparation prevented any mishaps, while also allowing it to integrate event app data with their existing CRM software. Soon, the company hopes to connect event app data with Marketo using the DoubleDutch integration, further bridging the physical and digital marketing worlds. Using the Marketo integration, Akamai plans a future of using post-event data to run marketing campaigns based off user behavior in the app.


"The ability to integrate with our CMS, and the usability for the end users, were the things we focused on - and DoubleDutch looked fantastic on both of those."

John Buten

Sr. Director, Global Marketing

The Data-Driven Event Marketer

Capturing event data is the first step, but marketers must also put that intel to work. During last year’s Edge event, Akamai had more than 400 attendees respond to session reviews. Those interactions are critical to help Akamai’s events team understand which sessions, speakers and topics worked (and which didn’t). They’ll use those insights to shape next year’s agenda, too.

Another benefit? Simplified reporting. Just days after the event, the marketing team gave Akamai’s executive team concrete evidence of the event’s ROI and used event data to customize its post-event marketing outreach and act on sales opportunities while they were still fresh.


"We come back to the office on the Monday (after Edge). By Tuesday, we were meeting with the CEO and are able to present a number of people who are considering an additional product — and even the number who have set up a meeting for a follow-on conversation."

John Buten

Sr. Director, Global Marketing

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