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"As DoubleDutch stays on top of trends, it enables them to stay in touch with what technology is doing and apply that to events. A vendor like that is really the kind of partner we are looking for."

Hope Arenas

Mobile Communications Branch Manager, Bosch

"A lot of the data pulled from the app definitely proved to be valuable for reports to executives to show the ROI of our event."

Diane Romualdez

Director Corperate Events, Blackline

"We like to be at the cutting edge of technology and sometimes have to switch our services. We haven't had to do that with DoubleDutch because it continues to evolve from year over year."

Dave Kelly

SVP and Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

"Being able to be on the cutting edge of how people are engaging, and understanding the persona of people that attend our events is really important to us."

Wandia Chiuri

Digital Marketing, Cadence



"Before we used DoubleDutch our metrics were - how many people came to the event. Now that we use DoubleDutch, we have much richer metrics and data sets to get insights from and drive decisions."

Bob Stolzberg

Principal Engineer, CenturyLink

"Having DoubleDutch there, really helps us to up-level the event every time."

John Buten

Director, Corperate Marketing, Akamai

"I can't think of one thing that went wrong with the app. If anything, I can only think of more successes than I planned for."

Eduardo Valladolid

Director, North American Enterprise Marketing, BlackLine