Apple Moves Away from White Label Event App, Creating Winner Take All Opportunity; DoubleDutch Prepared to Win

San Francisco, CA — July 21, 2017 — DoubleDutch, Inc., the global leading provider of Live Engagement Marketing (LEM) solutions, has made its statement in the light of a game-changing announcement from Apple at this year’s WWDC conference.  DoubleDutch is in agreement with, and excited for, a new regulation and distribution change which will force the event app industry to modernize how it delivers software, rolling up many published mobile apps into one single vendor branded mobile app.

Says DoubleDutch CEO Lawrence Coburn “We knew that the right model looked more like Slack or Gmail – a single, secure app that contained all customer networks, safely partitioned between groups and teams, yet still deeply customized for each account.”

Apple’s change in policy has given a nudge to an industry that will ultimately be beneficial for attendees, event owners, and event tech vendors.  In Coburn’s blog post, posted today, Thursday July 20th at 10am, he goes on to mention, “The benefits of this architecture are many: simpler app discovery leading to higher adoption / engagement, the ability to deliver cross event functionality, the opportunity to efficiently roll out feature updates (or security patches), and the chance to deliver year round value, just to name a few.”

While this transition certainly represents a big change for the event app industry, personalized experiences for each event  is not going away. It will be up to vendors like DoubleDutch to enable these deeply branded experiences beyond the app icon, and to deliver the transformational features and functionality enabled by Universal Event Apps.

As Coburn writes in his blog post, “Modern marketing … about delivering mass personalization by listening to behavioral signals and responding appropriately…. A concept known as Live Engagement Marketing […]  and the principles of LEM will only be strengthened by the higher adoption and longer engagement of a Universal App world.”

About DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch’s mission is to unlock the business value of human connections by bringing the power of digital to live experiences. The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform powers events, conferences, and trade shows for more than 1,700 customers including Akamai, LinkedIn, BlackRock, Bosch, Novartis and UBM.. The company has been named one of Deloitte’s 500 fastest growing companies in North America, one of AlwaysOn OnMedia’s 100 Top Private Companies, and one of Forbes’ 10 Hot Companies to Work for in San Francisco. DoubleDutch is based in San Francisco with additional U.S. offices in Phoenix and Portland and a global presence in Amsterdam and London.

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