Hmmm…Where should I go after the Dreamforce Gala? Wait. Where was that happy hour again? I can’t remember what time it starts. I wonder who else is going? Oh, I forgot to register!

Partyforce 2014 for Dreamforce PartiesThe Partyforce mobile app can help you decide which parties to go to, who to party with, and everything else you need to know about parties and social gatherings around Dreamforce. Here’s why you need it:

8.  Yay! All the party info is in one place

7.  Filter the list to find specific types of parties.

6.  Register for the parties directly from the app.

5.  Add parties to your calendar so you don’t miss them!

4.  Find other dreamforce partiers to party with.

3.  See which events and partygoers are trending.

2.  Interact with other partygoers in the app.

1.  Stay up on the party scene even if you aren’t there.

So many parties, so little time!

Download Partyforce now for Dreamforce 2014!