DoubleDutch Onboarding Experience.png

I’m the new guy again – and I have to say, this past month and a half have truly been awesome. I joined DoubleDutch as the Director of Product Marketing, and while it’s common to dread the ramp-up stage, this has been hands down, the best onboarding experience I’ve had.

What’s interesting is that in my previous role (at a talent management software vendor) I spent some time studying the art of employee onboarding, and talking to customers about challenges employees face in getting ramped up. It’s a typical scenario I think most of us have endured – the need to hit the ground running, but with no knowledge of who to go to for expertise, inability to find and absorb key info needed to get up to speed, lack of feedback, and more.

So what made the onboarding experience so great? I think it’s really three things – the people, the program, and importantly – the DoubleDutch platform!

Amazing People

The people from the top of the organization to the bottom are friendly, sharp as a whip, passionate about transforming an industry, and full of energy to get it done. On my first day, and throughout the interview process, I saw this, and it has only continued to prove true as I near the end of month two.

Comprehensive Onboarding from Day 1

The onboarding program called “Foundations” welcomed me into the organization on Day 1 with all of my logins/equipment ready to go (from a functional email account and credentials to a laptop and paired mouse), desk space (with cookies and balloons!), and a three-day agenda where I’d meet key individuals, discuss expectations with my manager, and undergo product, systems, and internal processes training.

The DoubleDutch Platform

Here’s where it gets really cool – our platform, built for empowering event profs and marketers to engage attendees at live events with event apps, and optimize experiences with performance analytics – served as a cornerstone of the onboarding experience.

The first thing I did on Day 1 (after grabbing a cookie and going to an All Hands meeting where I was greeted by our CEO and 200+ DoubleDutchers in a rock concert-like standing ovation) was join my new-hire team and participate in a scavenger hunt – all facilitated through the DoubleDutch app.

There were barcodes set up throughout the building, each requiring something different – like a poll response, an activity (like taking a selfie with fellow new-hires and sharing it in the activity feed), or an answer to a tricky question – requiring that I find a nearby DoubleDutcher, introduce myself, and post the answer in a private message.

This not only got me using the product in many different ways, but helped me meet people from all over the organization, figure out where different teams sit, and remember how to navigate the building much more effectively than looking at a map.

As I went through this, it was absolutely clear to me why we’ve got the most widely adopted and engaging event app platform on the planet. The experience was extremely intuitive – similar to if I had opened up Facebook – and I could comfortably focus on meeting new people and learning new things, versus trying to figure out the technology. The technology was just there to facilitate the experience, putting the people and the connections at the center. This is how our customers leverage our platform to drive engagement at live events and facilitate the memorable, interactive experiences that attendees expect.

Needless to say – I’m glad to be here, and I feel more prepared within these first six weeks than I’ve felt in previous jobs in the first few months. Most of all, I’m proud to be working alongside such an outstanding team as we continue to transform the live event industry for our customers.

If you’re interested in experiencing life at DoubleDutch and an amazing opportunity, check out our careers page! If you’d like to use DoubleDutch to support your onboarding events, reach out any time for a demo!