Mobile Event App Splash ScreenThe Georgia Economic Developers Association kicks off their annual conference with a bang! A non-profit association of professionals focused on the economic development of Georgia, the Spring 2013 Workshop features one slick mobile application.

With the app in hand, attendees will be able to access up-to-date event information, check in to sessions and sponsors and, most importantly, unlock special offers from the organizer that could be potentially life-changing (alright we’re maybe a little dramatic).

Still haven’t downloaded the app? Click here to download GEDA


Mobile Event App Activity FeedMike Pennington, the organizer for GEDA, has been incredibly excited to roll out his first DoubleDutch event app. To get the ball rolling, Mike sent out one of our favorite pre-event emails ever… “10 Reasons NOT to Download the GEDA Mobile App”. Now, if you hate fun and technology, and prefer carrying around a massive paper guide then by all means don’t download the app. But Mike’s humorous approach certainly led to some great app adoption in the days leading up to the event.

Mobile Event App Leader BoardNext, Mike set up a “Pre-Event Check In” for attendees to check into once they’ve downloaded the app. It opens up the conversation and helps attendees get familiar with the mobile event application. Encouraging them to talk about anything from hotel and dinner plans to GEDA itself.

Now, we can’t give you too many details on this next bit (you’ll have to download the app to find out), but we hear there are going to be some sweet treats for app users at the conference. Tapping into the game mechanics that power the application, Mike plans to leverage things like custom badges and a leaderboard to reward attendee behavior during the event. Start checking out some sponsor booths to find out what we mean…. *hint hint*