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Ask the Experts: How to Craft the Perfect Post Event Survey

By |June 13, 2017|

  For data-driven event marketers, post-event surveys have the power to produce some of the most valuable data to evaluate the success of your event and to help you create better events in the future. But creating the right level of insight goes far beyond plugging questions into an online form and hitting send—there's a [...]

5 Reasons Your Head of Demand Gen Should Use Event Data

By |June 1, 2017|

One question your head of demand-gen is certain to ask you after an event is, “how many leads did we get?" It's a fair question and leads are always a part of the event ROI equation. But the real power of events for lead-gen lies in what your company does with the attendee data that [...]

Three Post-Event Metrics Execs Actually Care About

By |March 23, 2017|

For years, the payoff for event marketing spend was fuzzy. Companies held events because they knew events were probably valuable and worthy of a sizable chunk of the annual marketing budget, but they couldn't precisely back up those beliefs with solid data. Not so any longer. Having a strong feeling about a marketing spend doesn't [...]

The Most Important Metric to Measure Event ROI? Engagement

By |February 9, 2017|

Engaged prospects and customers are the backbone of any successful business. And Live Engagement Marketing (LEM) can be an ultimate driver for maximizing and influencing business opportunities and outcomes. But how do you prove to leadership (and to your marketing colleagues) just how effective your live events are at engaging your prospects and customers? While [...]

Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

By |January 25, 2017|

The physical world of live events is merging with the digital world of software and mobile applications at a rapid pace. That's great news for event professionals as events, at most companies, command the single-largest slice of the annual marketing budget. By merging the physical with the digital through Live Engagement Marketing, event marketers now [...]

Event Organizers’ Real Learning Starts Once the Event Doors Close

By |December 8, 2016|

It's easy to get caught up in the logistics and excitement of your event. But after the doors close, how do you measure success? Your Live Engagement Data provides a unique opportunity to evaluate whether or not your event met its strategic goals using real and measurable data. The results can help fuel demand gen, [...]

Machine Learning, the Data Arms Race, and the Future of Live Events

By |October 4, 2016|

Talk to any business software executive right now and all they want to talk about is Machine Learning (ML). There is a real belief that the vast data sets that companies are accumulating about their customers, their employees, their partners, their competitors, etc, when combined with 2016 computing power and the rapidly advancing engineering discipline [...]

What Does It Mean to be Data Driven?

By |December 16, 2015|

By: Maria Treskunov Marketing Strategy Manager Nowadays, people everywhere are talking about data: big data, data visualization, data mining, data security - one might go as far as to say data is the new black. As Marketers, we are constantly told we need to be “data driven”. But what does “data driven” really mean? When [...]