Ready, Set, Slay

DoubleDutch is launching a “Back to Basics” series for your not so basic, events. We want to bring you fresh ideas, venues, and tips for inside and outside the DoubleDutch platform experience.

This week we are bringing you five ways to host the most T.D.,“to die”, event in 2017. Incorporate these five things and we guarantee, you’ll slay.


There is nothing worse than a boring event venue.

For a full service agency, we recommend Trademark Event Productions here in SF, who helped plan our international roadshow, the Live Engagement Tour. They found us the coolest venues I have ever been to. Peep Vandal. It’s a NYC restaurant for a more intimate event (think ABM here), and your guests have to enter through a flower shop to get there. Tre Chic.

If a full service agency isn’t in your budget, we recommend Kapow. This site will help you find a custom experience for your audience. Show your attendees a good time at AceBounce a ping pong house in Chicago, or post sales pitch in Dallas, treat your top prospects to a personalized shopper at Nike and send them home with the latest gear, all while falling in love with your brand. Did I mention A/V is included? Crucial!


Think about bringing in local vendors. Call your friends in DC, ask them what the hottest coffee bar is serving. Search instagram and figure out what’s trending in Austin.

Bring in taco bars, food trucks, vegan donuts, a local juicery, bacon tator tots…basically give the people what they want! The more local, the more enjoyable. Pro Tip: Finding the newbies on social media will probably lead to a bigger discount.


During our roadshow we had a local graffiti artist at each event. My favorite by far was a Notorious B.I.G. canvas that we gave away to our most engaged in-app participant.

Feeling sweet? Have your head made into a chocolate lollipop. Using 3D printing technology, Candy Mechanics, will bring their equipment onsite to your next event and totally wow your attendees with this incredibly unique take home item.

A few years ago I worked for a tech company that sponsored the Sundance Film Festival. I took note from Airbnb who completely transformed an art gallery on Park City’s Main Street into an apartment replica. Within the apartment there were different stations with arts and crafts that you could either take home, or use to interact with other attendees. I felt completely immersed in their brand and will never forget the amount of work their team put into that place.


Assuming you have employed an ABM strategy, you’ll want to carry those best practices with you to the live event.

Segment out your customers and prospects, show them a unique experience per group. Have a customer-only lounge and make your speakers feel like actual rockstars for the day. At DoubleDutch Live 2016, we assigned a “hype man/woman” to each speaker pump up before the set foot on stage. Requesting their favorite song, snack and comfort item brought out the very best of them on stage. What would Mariah Carey want backstage? Within your budget of course!

Having your team use 1:1 Direct Messaging through the DoubleDutch app will also help sales and product teams connect with the right attendees during the buyer journey. So if they don’t have their prospects cell phone number to text, they can just send them instant messages right through the DoubleDutch app to get their attention onsite.

If you’re ready for some next level personalization, Meantime Brewery will create the world’s most personalized beer, based on your attendee’s DNA taste profile. Slap your label on the brew and you have some memorable swag!


You want to employ the latest technology at your event, but not just because it’s the cool thing to do, but because of the attendee data you’ll capture! With DoubleDutch you get the event performance analytics that no one else can offer that will serve up all of your attendee’s actions and event sentiment. Data integration is the fastest growing trend in #EventTech this year, so leave no room for doubt and start using your resources to gather loads of great data.

Blippar, an iOS and Android app, specializes in visual marketing and can certainly uplevel your next event. Whether it’s a user conference or internal training, Blipper uses augmented reality to bring the physical world to life through your attendee’s smart devices. Imagine pointing your phone’s camera at a printed training doc and having it come to life with clickable online resources. Whoa.

Sayonara boring photo booth, it’s time to get Gif’d in the Gif Booth brought to you by The Flash Pack. Or bring in the 90 Degree Bullet Time Capture that will give you 3D images of your attendees that you can upload direct to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Oh yeah, and still, #AllTheData.

So there you have it. Some really “dope” ideas to make your event the one to go to year after year.

What ideas are you implementing this year? Share below or tweet us using @DoubleDutch and we will retweet you!