We’re excited when an eventprof isn’t the only role within an organization that recognizes the power of events. For our latest installment of Rise x Shine, a breakfast series that brings together #eventprofs to discuss the future of events in the marketing org, we invited two speakers outside of traditional event roles to discuss how they leverage in-person experiences to achieve their marketing goals.

Rise x Shine, San Jose: We invited two speakers outside of traditional event roles to discuss how they leverage in-person experiences to achieve their marketing goals.

Katie Vaudt (Marketing Manager at InsideView) and Dandrew Cruda (Marketing Associate at Apttus) joined us at the Hotel Valencia in San Jose, CA to share how demand gen, SEO, and content marketers appreciate events.

Typically, great company, good food, and an adult beverage is a winning recipe for my attention, but–mimosas and bacon aside–when Dandrew said that “Dreamforce was their Super Bowl,” I was all ears!

3 BIG Takeaways:

1. Your event goals and your app goals are one in the same.

When first using DoubleDutch at their events, Katie and Dandrew’s expectations were simply focused on downloads and usage. However, as people started to engage with the app, they soon realized that their event goals and their app goals were one in the same.

InsideView used DoubleDutch for Open Lounge, an event they host during Dreamforce with education sessions, networking opportunities, and a chance to retreat from the madness. Katie mentioned, “Our only goal was that we wanted people to come back, so we were thrilled at the activity in the app.” From there, they were able to leverage the app as a content channel to share event recaps and their daily blog.

At Apttus, cultivating a customer community is part of the company’s DNA and a key differentiator. With app adoption and engagement high, Dandrew–who is responsible for content marketing–used the app not only as a place to share important event information but also as a channel to promote the Apttus Community.

I was excited to see that DoubleDutch moved from a fun, engagement opportunity at their events to a tool that was baked into their overall marketing and event strategy!

2. Data-driven decision making is an “a-ha” moment!

While attendee engagement is an exciting accomplishment, organizations can make data-driven decisions from information sourced through their DoubleDutch app.

Katie had an a-ha moment when attendees started bookmarking a session that had been previously organized in a small room. Based on app data showing an increasing number of session bookmarks and interest, she was able to be proactive and move the session to a larger room that could accommodate the session’s growing popularity.

She mentioned, “Everything is just reactive, so for once–for events–it’s better to be proactive.” We couldn’t agree more!

3. Marketing exists to make sales easier.

This is the mantra of Katie’s CMO, and one many of us are familiar with, but it’s great to see it in action! Katie and Dandrew use DoubleDutch to help their sales team in a big way. Katie drove her sales team to the app so they could see which companies would be attending their events. It allows their reps to use the app as a way to generate revenue and meet with target accounts on the show floor.

Dandrew similarly saw the app as a great sales opportunity. He said, “You not only get the engaging aspect–the cool, wow factor with your attendees–but also use it as a demand gen tool to reach out to prospects with collateral or specific calls to action like an event or a user group coming up.”

Overall, it was a great morning and I was thrilled to meet the #eventprofs shaking things up in the South Bay! Learn more about how you can leverage an event app for your organization’s goals.