Live Engagement Exhibitor Portal

Drive exhibitor and sponsor ROI, satisfaction, and retention

Empower exhibitors and sponsors to identify, target, and connect with the right attendees – driving ROI, satisfaction, and retention.

Equip Exhibitors to Own Their Brand

Profile Management
Add collateral and update logos, company descriptions, and contact info in a single location.
Booth Staff Management
Set-up employee profiles and meeting availability.
Meeting Scheduling
Schedule 1:1 meetings with attendees.

Empower Exhibitors to Drive the Right Booth Traffic

Targeted Offers
Allow exhibitors to create enticing offers and display them to targeted audiences to drive the right booth traffic.
Exhibitor Dashboard
Provide powerful analytics on the performance of offers to optimize and ensure positive ROI.

Offer Hassle-Free Lead Scanning and Retrieval

Mobile Lead Scanning
Everyone in the booth can scan badges and qualify leads right from their mobile device. Learn More
Lead Reporting
Exhibitors can review social profiles, qualification, and notes for leads, and pull lead reports at any time.
Booth Staff Analytics
Provide detailed analytics to measure individual booth staff performance.
Offline Connectivity
Allow leads to be captured with low/no connectivity.

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