This March the DoubleDutch team will be at Event Solutions – Idea Factory. Here’s the low-down.

Title: Becoming a Data-Driven Event Organizer: Tips & Tricks from the Veterans

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time: 9:45am – 10:15am PST

Location: Mirage Hotel on the Business Stage

Description: The events industry is in the midst of their largest transformation since the dawn of cloud-based technology. In only a few years, the consumerization and ubiquitous adoption of powerful handheld devices have pushed the events industry forward from relying on paper, to one that leverages the full spectrum of mobile technology.

With this trend sweeping across the industry, more and more players are offering mobile-first solutions to enhance engagement, security, and customization. But what’s the biggest benefit from this move to smartphone-driven taps and swipes? It’s all traceable, and it provides a wealth of business-boosting data for event organizers to leverage.

Shane will share his tips and tricks on the best ways to gather, use, and leverage data from mobile technology. Leveraging what he knows from deploying mobile event technology across the globe, he’ll demonstrate that by offering a fully mobile, seamlessly integrated, real-time solution, event organizers can gain insight from the behavior of their attendees. From most popular sessions to horrible lunches and speaker ratings – see how the data can be analyze to surface leads, maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for sponsors, and create memorable events for years to come.

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