Today Transform 2013 will be kicking off its annual 3 day conference. This Global Conference for the imaging industry has done a great job of getting attendees engaged with their event mobile app. Networking with their peers is a big piece of this event- the app is providing a contained “facebook-like” newsfeed for attendeees; some of who started checking in early poolside yesterday when they arrived- check out a screen shot of the newsfeed from last night:

event app screenshot

A ton of attendees have already engaged with the app and the leader board is starting to heat up in a fierce competition between points of attendees; we think a lot of it has to do with their great pre-show advertising on their website. Check out how they created banner ads below:

Transforms Website

At the event they leveraging awesome features like QR code readers at exhibitors booths, to really know who came by and are hot leads! This will give exhibitors a little more insight into who they talked to specifically from their lead list.

If you’re at the event now, make sure to download the app and join in on the fun!