The story behind Rise of the Event Marketer

The Rise of the Event Marketer: Today's Event Marketers are Tomorrow's CMOs

As a content marketer for DoubleDutch, I search far and wide to uncover unique insights related to the event industry. My job often feels more like a miner searching for precious stones than it does an author or marketer.

I speak regularly with industry thought leaders from around the globe to uncover their pain points and understand how they work to solve them today. Identifying and crafting solutions—solving marketing equations if you will—to help them be successful tomorrow.

For a while now, I’ve had this idea that the event marketer is truly the unsung hero of the marketing department. They have a unique ability to take grandiose ideas from all over the organization and bring them to life in incredible ways. They work tirelessly coordinating with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, venues, contractors and unions to make big things happen in a short period of time and under highly constrained budgets. Constantly juggling a million little details to create a singular, flawless experience for leads, prospects, and customers.

In short, event marketers are the lynchpin of the organization. They generate massive demand; Conceptualize innovative ways to deliver content; Create unique brand experiences; And help close business.

Yet, event marketers are not the people we see onstage delivering keynotes. They’re behind the scenes coordinating all of those details without breaking a sweat. Acting and reacting to the ebb and flow of live marketing experiences without anyone the wiser.

Which got me thinking… who is celebrating the event marketer? Who is out there positioning them for greatness within their organization? Does a career in event marketing have a ceiling?

Rise of the Event Marketer is written in collaboration with (and thanks to) the incredible ideas and perspectives presented by thought leaders from around the globe to celebrate the industry and position it for greatness. I believe strongly that today’s event marketer can become tomorrow’s CMO. This conversation is long overdue, and I’m excited to be a part of the company that is getting it going.

I hope you read it and find inspiration to rise to the top of your organization, because you deserve it.

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