Partyscape Splash Screen on iPhone

The “almighty-festival-that-must-not-be-named” which draws more than 65,000 people from interactive, film & music industries kicks off Friday, March 7th in Austin, Texas.

Are you ready?  Do you have a party plan?  A method to the party madness?  With more than 200+ parties, concerts, and live events taking place outside of the  800 sessions available at Interactive alone, you’ve no doubt got A LOT on your plate.

Plan your Partyscape.

My what?  Partyscape. Partyscape is the landscape of all parties at some of the biggest conferences in the world. DoubleDutch has developed an [un]official guide to the wild, quirky, and extreme parties happening during and around the Interactive festival.


Top 4 reasons to download Partyscape…

1.  You tend to have FOMO.

It’s natural to experience that ping of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in our everyday lives, but at this 10 day festival it is near impossible to not have it consume you.  There are an overwhelming number of music performances, networking events, drinks to be drunk, food to be eaten, and parties to experience. You need some guidance.  Don’t fret.  This app will help you take control of your FOMO and enable you to live in the moment. Plan your party action plan, check out real-time photo feeds, registration details, performances, and venues. Just say no to FOMO.

2.  You’re not sure which parties your badge gets you access to.

Partyscape has got your back.  All events have been coded with a festival badge track or lack there of.  Allowing you to weed out the events you simply don’t have access to, eliminating unnecessary tired feet, empty wallets, and unmet expectations.

3. You like partying with like-minded partygoers.

With the app in hand you will be able to connect with other festival partygoers with similar interests.  Interested in trekking across town to that party with the free Texas BBQ?  Enroll other foodies to join you!  Or discover live music groupies to join you at the next gig. No matter who you are or what your interests are, this app can help you connect with other partygoers.

4.  You always strive to be at the top.

Each and every action in the app earns you points and badges. Compete with other festival partygoers for the title of #1Partygoer. A title you could brag about for years…