One of the key elements to our platform is game mechanics. And being that our clients can customize this in any way that they want, we like to give them a helping hand. Along with our announcement of Arizona State University’s spark, we are releasing a sticker package designed specifically for universities. The total package runs at 30 stickers, serving as a base from which our clients can draw inspiration when creating additional rewards for their students and alumni. Enough chit chat, let’s review a few of the stickers that will be included:


The Bell Tower

Usually an iconic landmark of a campus, the bell tower is designed to encourage students who know the landmark to stop by and new students to seek it out. Once they recognize a key piece to any university’s architecture and check in (including a photo upload), they earn The Bell Tower.

The Quadruple

One of the most communal of locales on any campus, the quad is where anyone who’s anyone goes on a nice day. Earn it by checking in four times (get it- four times at the quad).

The Campus Crusader

Exploration of the campus is important. Encourage that with the Campus Crusader, which is earned by checking in to seven different venues on campus.

The Thespian

Supporting the arts has always been important, and we at DoubleDutch have a soft spot for the theatre. Check in and leave your review of the show in order to earn a standing ovation… from the app.

The Grinder

Coffee houses on campus have become just as much a haven for students as they are to hipsters in New York. Check in to any coffee shop along with a photo shout and your sticker arsenal earns The Grinder.

The SuperFan

School spirit abounds in several of our university stickers. The SuperFan requires true love for your school (the app knows, it just does), being earned by four check ins that you push to Facebook and/or Twitter. We encourage shouting your school’s war cry (my check in would read the classic “Go Dawgs!” from the University of Washington).

The Director

We wanted to showcase a sticker from our set of ‘Majors’. In addition to stickers for science, arts, engineering, business, medicine, law, and others, we have a sticker for students checking in to the university’s film hall. Check in ten times (proving your dedication) in order to earn what we have nicknamed “The Scorcese”.

The Early Bird

Having early class doesn’t have to suck all the time. Check in on campus before 7.30am to get the worm. And the sticker.



We only gave you a sneak peak of eight stickers from our university package, but there are plenty more where they came from. We are also building packages for several other verticals, including events & conferences, hotels & hospitality, and enterprise amongst others. Check back soon to see those.