We’ve had an excellent time at International Confex in London this week. Celebrating its 30th year (happy birthday!), the event has been jam-packed with information. With so much to take in and learn, from exciting new event trends and new, engaging event technologies we thought we’d give you a Quick Recap of International Confex.

The event attendee has changed. Lower attention spans across attendees means event organisers need to find new ways to engage them. Get attendees to actively participate in conversations across social media, event apps and more. If you’re attendees are walking around like zombies, you’re doing something wrong. Use visual cues to excite them, encourage them to check-in, tweet, post, etc… The more they engage with your content throughout the event, the more information they’ll retain and the better experience they’ll have with your brand.

It’s time to demonstrate Return on Event. In today’s economic climate, securing budget for next year depends on your ability to prove ROI to leadership more than ever. Or, in our case, proving Return on Event. How are you currently doing this? Creating new sponsorship opportunities, generating leads and scoring them… There’s lots of ways to create new revenue streams from your events, get creative.

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