5 Must Attend Events for Event Marketers in 2017
As an event marketer, you spend a ton of time thinking about how to get people to attend your events. But, have you ever taken a second to pause and consider what events you should be attending to become a more well rounded, strategic marketer? We probably don’t need to tell you that no matter […]
A Marketing Outsider Takes a Stab at #Events – A Tale of Persistence
April 13, 2017
There are a lot of things I love about DoubleDutch. The product, the people, the stocked fridges… for a girl from the deep south, it’s more than I ever imagined when it comes to a job. During my two years here, I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible. I’ve been forever changed for the […]
5 Ways to Hack Your Recent Event for Future Content
April 6, 2017
Events are much more than logistical challenges to be solved, from session topics and travel arrangements to catering menus. They are a goldmine for marketers tasked with keeping the content engine humming. Not only are events a great way for marketers to find brand advocates who can spread your company’s message, but you can — […]
3 Event Strategies for Customer Marketers
March 30, 2017
As a customer marketer, I know there’s no better marketing tool than a happy customer who’s willing to speak on your company’s behalf. According to a recent study, customer recommendations are up to 10 times more effective in driving sales than a brand’s own sales and marketing efforts. Events are teeming with potential brand advocates […]
Three Post-Event Metrics Execs Actually Care About
March 23, 2017
For years, the payoff for event marketing spend was fuzzy. Companies held events because they knew events were probably valuable and worthy of a sizable chunk of the annual marketing budget, but they couldn’t precisely back up those beliefs with solid data. Not so any longer. Having a strong feeling about a marketing spend doesn’t […]
The Future of Events – Coaching Cloud, Simulation and Concierge
March 16, 2017
Inspiration often comes in bursts, and I recently had the good fortune of dropping into three conversations that influenced the way I think about technology’s role at live events.  The common thread of these conversations?  All three considered digital as a complement, not a replacement, for live events, and all three presumed that the data […]
Are you the next #EventProf of the Year Winner?
March 14, 2017
DoubleDutch is excited to announce we are now accepting submissions for our 2017 #EventProf of the Year Award! Today through March 31st, we are accepting nominations for the most incredible, talented, innovative #EventProfs in the event marketing space. Last year, myself along with our stealthy videographer, surprised all four of our nominees at their corporate […]
Make Live Events An Integral Part of Your B2B Marketing Strategy
March 10, 2017
At DoubleDutch, we strive to unlock the business value of human connections by bringing the power of digital to live experiences. This is the first post in our CMO Perspective #PowerofLive series, where we’ll interview some of the most progressive and innovative CMO’s to find out how they make live events a strategic part of […]
Hormel Events — Tried and True Promotion
March 7, 2017
Overview Every year, Hormel Foods Corporation – makers of Hormel® Chili, SPAM®, and home to a stable of global brands – hosts an internal meeting, spanning the course of one week, with a three-year group rotation. Years one and two bring the executive and management teams together, a group of over 200. In year three, attendance […]
A 4-Part Plan to Boost Attendee Engagement
March 2, 2017
Hi there! I’m Ashley Phelps, a Customer Experience Manager here at DoubleDutch. What’s that mean exactly? Well, basically I get to work with customers to make their app sparkle! Everyday I engage with incredibly innovative brands such as, GE, the E-Learning Guild, and Hilton. We work together on digital strategy, app configuration and content, and […]

The Incomplete Email Checklist for Event Promotion

By |July 7, 2016|

Drip. Drip. Drip That’s how most marketers think of email marketing and database nurturing. It’s also the approach they take when it comes to event promotions. But to be really effective in raising awareness and driving registration, this should not be the standard - it’s not simply just one of the drips. There is a [...]

4 Essential Ways to Measure Event Success

By |July 6, 2016|

Events have a huge impact on sales and business, but the industry has long been shrouded in a dataless haze. In the old days of event marketing, once the conference room doors were closed and the floors swept, event marketers were left with a sense of the event’s success still tingling in their bones, but [...]

Tips-y Tuesday with Molson Coors’ Melisa Chung

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour. This week, we welcome Global Digital Manager of Molson Coors, Melisa Chung.  DoubleDutch: What strategies are your teams using to get attendees to download the app in the first place? Melisa Chung: For our global leadership [...]

Using Marketo and Salesforce Integrations at the Live Engagement Tour

By |June 30, 2016|

#eventprofs, CMOs, Digital Marketers, SDRs, Heads of Demand Gen, Sales Directors, and everyone in between, drum roll please…. The 2016 Spring Release announced the launch of our integrations with various Marketing Automation Systems and CRMs. With that, the DoubleDutch team took to the hills and implemented Marketo and Salesforce integrations with our own LE Tour [...]

Celebrating #EventProfs at WEC 2016

By |June 29, 2016|

DoubleDutch headed to Atlantic City from June 11-14 for MPI’s WEC 2016! Organizing an amazing conference is in MPI’s DNA, and they certainly delivered with great food, entertainment, and of course, education sessions to help elevate #eventprofs to the top of their game! It was also great to see #eventprofs sit back and enjoy the conference as [...]

Tips-y Tuesday with Influitive’s Event Marketing Manager, Roberto Faria

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour. For our second installment, we sat down with Roberto Faria of Influitive, the masterminds behind Advocamp, the biggest customer experience event of the year! DoubleDutch: How do you extend the engagement generated through the mobile app once [...]

8 Steps of the Live Engagement Marketing Evolution

By |June 27, 2016|

A Revolution is Occurring in the Events Industry Emerging technologies have unleashed a never-before-seen level of insight and data to inform the work we do. Finally, event marketers have the power to measure the impact of every facet of their events, including audience engagement, sponsor engagement, and overall brand sentiment. Yet, many marketers haven’t adopted [...]

My Experience Being Out in the Workplace

By |June 24, 2016|

DoubleDutch has provided me the opportunity to be my true self. We don’t just accept diversity, we embrace it as a business accelerator.  For example, DoubleDutch has an internal alliance network of employees dedicated to promoting LGBTQ awareness in the workplace, that has gained traction throughout San Francisco. In fact, next week, we are hosting [...]

3 Reasons Your Content Team Should Care About Your Event App

By |June 24, 2016|

The Live Engagement Tour is over, but our team continues to learn! Live events play a huge role in engaging prospects at every stage of the marketing funnel—but marketers rarely consider that these events can also serve as a wellspring of ideas for your entire content marketing program. Read why your content team should care about [...]

Live Marketing Tips-y Tuesday with Uberflip’s VP of Marketing, Hana Abaza

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour. This week, we sat down with Hana Abaza of Uberflip to get two quick-hitting action-packed tips surrounding event success strategy. DoubleDutch: How do you extend the engagement generated through the mobile app once the event is [...]

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