Event Technology Just Took a Giant Step Forward (With a Little Help from Apple)
At DoubleDutch, we’ve long known that the White Label Event App model (siloed, disposable apps for each customer) was not ideal.  It was bad for attendees, overly complex for our customers, and inefficient and inelegant as a way to deploy software. We also knew that the right model looked more like Slack or Gmail – […]
Ask the Experts: A Speechwriter’s Guide to the Perfect Keynote
July 13, 2017
Attendees at your industry conferences and company meetings have high expectations for a keynote address. It’s more than just another presentation, it’s the cornerstone of the entire event. And, if it’s your CEO giving the keynote, the stakes are even higher. Your attendees look to the keynote to energize and inspire. But how do you […]
The Venue Series: New York City
July 6, 2017
This is the second post of our new “Venue Series,” where we share our favorite event venues in cities across the U.S. and why we love them. The sheer number of event venues in Manhattan is mind-boggling. When you expand that to Brooklyn, your head just might explode trying to find a perfect spot for […]
Employee Engagement is a Breeze with DoubleDutch
June 29, 2017
The term “dogfooding” refers to the practice of a company using its own products to test and promote its product. It originates from an email sent in 1988 from Microsoft manager Paul Maritz to Brian Valentine, test manager for Microsoft LAN software with the subject line, “Eating our own dogfood,” tasking him to increase internal […]
5 Easy Steps to Make Your Events More Accessible
June 22, 2017
We often like to stress the importance of choosing a unique venue for your events, but the more your stray from the traditional hotel-type venue the more you need to think about accessibility. Hotels are often already set-up to accommodate people with accessibility needs, but other venues may not be. On top of that, there […]
Ask the Experts: How to Craft the Perfect Post Event Survey
Ask the Experts: How to Craft the Perfect Post Event Survey
June 13, 2017
  For data-driven event marketers, post-event surveys have the power to produce some of the most valuable data to evaluate the success of your event and to help you create better events in the future. But creating the right level of insight goes far beyond plugging questions into an online form and hitting send—there’s a […]
The Venue Series: San Francisco
The Venue Series: San Francisco
June 8, 2017
  Your event venue is one of the most defining aspects of your event. It sets the mood, starts the conversation and gets people excited for the day ahead. So finding one that you and your attendees absolutely love is critical. That’s why we are kicking off The Venue Series, where we share our favorite […]
5 Reasons Your Head of Demand Gen Should Use Event Data
5 Reasons Your Head of Demand Gen Should Use Event Data
June 1, 2017
One question your head of demand-gen is certain to ask you after an event is, “how many leads did we get?” It’s a fair question and leads are always a part of the event ROI equation. But the real power of events for lead-gen lies in what your company does with the attendee data that […]
Back to Basics: 3 Tricks to Landing the Hottest B2B Event Venue
May 25, 2017
When it comes to building the perfect event, you have two options: the seemingly simple all-inclusive hotel package, or an approach inspired by the city you’re in and the best vendors available. The next time you plan an event, challenge yourself to think like a local and do some digging on the most sought after […]
A Framework for Your First B2B SaaS Customer Advisory Board
May 18, 2017
If you’re reading this, chances are you have considered launching a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) at your startup, but for some reason talked yourself out of it. “Our customers aren’t ready,” is the most common excuse I hear. In most cases, that reason couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, I’m speaking from experience […]

How to Convince Your Company to Invest in New Event Technologies

By |August 25, 2016|

You know Live Engagement Marketing technologies can help create a more memorable event and better prove your event’s ROI. So why is it still so hard to get executive buy-in on event technologies? It probably comes down to numbers. Your boss wants to talk revenue and, despite your progress, you’re still not speaking quite the [...]

Event Marketers: Your Time Is Now

By |August 24, 2016|

Time for a confession—I’m a chief marketing officer who’s always had a secret passion for events. It’s true. I love the particular kind of magical energy that comes from people connecting with people, people connecting with content, people connecting with a brand. You just know intuitively that events help your company tremendously. And I know [...]

Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

By |August 18, 2016|

Want to Enhance Networking Opportunities at Your Events? One of the most important, if not the most important, steps in building a successful live event program is constructing a strategy that drives attendee engagement. Seems obvious, right? After all, event success is often measured by how much (and to what extent) attendees interact during sessions [...]

4 Essential Tools for the Modern Marketers Tech Stack

By |August 16, 2016|

Today’s marketer has a host of resources at her fingertips to help her generate brand awareness, connect with new prospects, nurture existing leads, and measure and optimize processes every step of the way. Technology plays a key role in today’s marketing landscape, and in order to be successful in a crowded field, your team needs [...]

Watch 5 Event Tech Predictions from Event Farm’s Offline Summit

By |August 15, 2016|

Last month our CEO and Co-Founder, Lawrence Coburn, had the pleasure of joining the Event Farm team (and a slew of other amazing speakers) in New York for the OFFLINE Summit with the goal of discussing how offline experiences shape business results. In his presentation, Lawrence shares 5 event tech predictions he sees influencing the [...]

How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

By |August 2, 2016|

It’s easy to measure sales and leads generated from an event. But how many people are thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about your brand? That’s traditionally been much tougher to measure, but it’s no less important—by building brand loyalty, you can turn your audience into evangelists for your product or service, whether or not they’re [...]

Bringing Positive Social Change At Work

A few months ago, I reached an important milestone in my DoubleDutch 1 year workiversary. It had me feeling extremely sentimental and reflective as I thought back to my very first week at DoubleDutch. I arrived wide eyed and bushy tailed and just had this gut feeling I’d stumbled onto something very special. Boy, [...]

The Rise of the App Champion

By |July 28, 2016|

A major evolution is occurring in the events industry. Marketers have tapped into a powerful force that resides in the bags and hands of most of the people arriving at their events: their mobile phones. The Live Engagement App is downloaded onto a smartphone and becomes a digital channel for communication; it’s a way to [...]

The Curious Case of the Very Lazy, but Blazingly Fast, JSON Parser

By |July 26, 2016|

tl;dr I wrote a JSON parser to improve performance for a very specific use case and found that it was also blazingly fast for the general case. As is often the case, the really good solutions seem to come when you are solving a problem for yourself (my personal theory is that your own problems stay [...]

5 Easy Ways to Engage and Motivate Your Customers

I am a firm believer that while a great marketer is informed through data, he or she will also consult the gut for creativity during project implementation. As a B2B marketer, I am always looking at consumer focused marketing campaigns for such inspiration. I browse magazines, commercials, cosmetic branding, street art, album covers, email campaigns, [...]

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