How to Keep Your VIP Attendees Happy—and Returning to Your Events
How to Keep Your VIP Attendees Happy—and Returning to Your Events
VIPs drive revenue for your events. Whether they’re frequent attendees or people who’ve paid extra for workshops or exclusive networking opportunities, you’ll want to make a lasting impression upon them so they’ll re-register next year. Follow these steps to reward VIPs in ways that go beyond the standard swag and tell your most valuable customers […]
Breaking: Significant Update from Apple Regarding Branded Event Apps
December 20, 2017
We just got the call from Apple that, minutes ago, they updated section 4.2.6 in the App Store Review Guidelines to read as follows: 4.2.6 Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected unless they are submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content. These services should not submit apps on […]
A Day in the Life Series - Meet Kyle Louis
A Day in the Life Series – Meet Kyle Louis
October 23, 2017
  Meet Kyle Louis Title: Mobile Build Engineer Location: HQ DoubleDutch Tenure: 5 year TL;DR I came to DoubleDutch in November 2012. The team was quite small then and it was very exciting to have an impact every day. While my impact has changed and evolved over nearly 5 years at DoubleDutch, I still find joy in contributing […]
These Event Tech Tools Will Make Any Event Prof’s Life Easier
October 12, 2017
Modern event profs have an exciting variety of new tools to help pull off the perfect event, whether it’s the all-important annual user conference or a more intimate conversion event. You now have the power to streamline and automate nearly every step in the event planning process, saving time and providing a seamless experience for your […]
Important Apple Update Regarding White Label Apps
October 6, 2017
  *** UPDATE – 10/6/2017 *** There has been a significant development in Apple’s position on white label event apps that should benefit DoubleDutch customers. Specifically, Apple has indicated that they will grandfather all DoubleDutch powered apps that are in the App Store by 12/31/17, thus protecting the white label event app model for existing DoubleDutch […]
Event Planners, Get More Out of Your Paid Speakers in 3 Easy Steps
October 5, 2017
This is the first part of a three-part series by Shane Brethowr, founder of Overflow Story Lab, about how to make the most of your event speakers before, during and after the event. External speakers are expensive. In fact, they can be one of the most costly elements of an event, typically ranging from $5,000 […]
A Day in the Life Series - Meet Ryan Finn
A Day in the Life Series – Meet Ryan Finn
October 3, 2017
  Meet Ryan Finn Title: Enterprise Account Manager Location: Phoenix DoubleDutch Tenure: ~1 year TL;DR I came to DoubleDutch in December 2016. The Phoenix startup scene is hot right now and I was looking for a company with a world-class mobile platform, a great culture, and was hoping to be closer to home in central Phoenix (I’m a […]
Why We Bought Eventgrid
September 28, 2017
It’s no secret that event registration and event apps go together.   Just about every event that DoubleDutch has powered over the last six years has had some sort of registration system behind it – over the years we’ve integrated with over 100 unique systems that perform critical pre-event functions like event registration and event […]
3 Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Conversion Event
September 26, 2017
It might seem like an inordinate amount of your time goes to pulling off a signature event every year. It’s The Big One. There are intimate customer dinners, workshops for prospects and keynotes where all are welcome. Attendees enjoy top-notch entertainment and refuel with catering you carefully selected. These events are exciting and important. But […]
A Day in the Life – Director of Sales
September 20, 2017
As I thought about writing this post about my average day, I was reminded of something my manager told me when I started my first sales job as a college graduate. “It’s the people man, I love the people,” he said when I asked him what motivated him to work so hard. The “people” he […]

The Attitude of Gratitude

By |November 25, 2014|

With Christmas promotions starting as early as October and the commercialization of every holiday known to man (and some unknown ones - did you know there is a Ferris Wheel Day?!), it can be hard to focus on the reason and meaning of holidays. Don’t get us wrong - we love marketing gimmicks just as [...]

Live Polling: A Surefire Way to Increase Engagement and App Adoption

By |November 20, 2014|

Earlier this year, DoubleDutch introduced a live polling feature to help event organizers better engage their audiences. Once we deployed the feature 50 times, we took a look at usage data from these apps to see whether polling had the positive impact that we were hoping for. The results? Better than we could have ever [...]

Want to be a DoubleDutch Sales Rep?

By |November 14, 2014|

You may have heard this already - but DoubleDutch is growing like crazy and we are looking for some remarkable people to join our team. On November 22 from 1 - 4PM we’ll be holding a Sales Recruiting Event for candidates interested in joining the DoubleDutch team. Being a sales development representative (SDR) at DoubleDutch [...]

DoubleDutch Wins Best and Brightest Company Award

By |November 7, 2014|

This week we got some pretty exciting news; DoubleDutch was named one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in the San Francisco Bay Area by the National Association for Business Resources. We all love working here, but it’s great to receive the recognition - and who doesn’t love winning? The “Best and [...]

Partyforce: You Came, You Saw, You Conquered

By |October 28, 2014|

The only thing more synonymous with Dreamforce than cloud computing is partying. For the third year in a row, DoubleDutch empowered the Dreamforce community to party like no one was watching via a mobile app, Partyforce. By curating all of the events, after parties, and soirées associated with Dreamforce and enabling attendees to check-in, network, [...]

Backstage at DoubleDutch on Tour NYC

By |September 23, 2014|

Written by the DoubleDutch Event Marketing Team This year we’ve been out on the road bringing event technology to the masses with DoubleDutch on Tour. Our half-day events are geared to bring event app education and thought leadership to the forefront, whilst providing a fun and memorable experience for the attendees. With the very first [...]

How the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch Impacts the Future of Events

By |September 10, 2014|

During the Apple Live event on September 9th, the DoubleDutch team identified many new products and software that will greatly impact the future of events and conferences. We've highlighted our thoughts below, but you can also read a Q&A on iOS 8 with our Senior iOS Engineer. Improvements in connectivity and indoor positioning With better LTE [...]

How Will iOS 8 Affect Your Mobile Event App?

By |September 9, 2014|

Since iOS 8 was released to developers in July, engineers at DoubleDutch have been beta testing versions of the mobile event app, ensuring that DoubleDutch apps will be supported on September 17th when users update to iOS 8. Giving insight into this process is Tim Isganitis, one of the expert iOS engineers at DoubleDutch. As [...]

Top 8 Reasons Why Partyforce is the Go-To Mobile App for Dreamforce 2014 Parties

By |September 8, 2014|

Hmmm…Where should I go after the Dreamforce Gala? Wait. Where was that happy hour again? I can’t remember what time it starts. I wonder who else is going? Oh, I forgot to register! The Partyforce mobile app can help you decide which parties to go to, who to party with, and everything else you need [...]

How a Mobile App Transformed the Galactosemia Foundation Conference

By |August 26, 2014|

DoubleDutch and the Galactosemia Foundation Conference Bring a Community Together Written By: Katie Smith, Customer Success Manager at DoubleDutch. An Opportunity to Make an Impact A few months ago my long time family friends, Evelyn and Dane, had begun to fundraise for their trip to the Galactosemia Foundation Conference in Orlando, FL. I had committed [...]

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