17th Jun

BizBash and Event Leadership Institute Partner with DoubleDutch

The Partnership DoubleDutch is proud to be the official mobile conference app provider for the BizBash IdeaFest event series in South Florida on April 10, 2013 and in Los Angeles on June 19, 2013. The event series will bring together thousands of the top creative minds in the events industry to share best practices for [...]


06th Jun

mLearnCon: Inspiring Mobile-Based Education with DoubleDutch

The eLearning Guild is proud to present mLearnCon, the premiere conference and expo for learning professionals exploring mobile technologies. This event brings together Training Directors, Training Managers, CLOs (Chief Learning Officers), and Instructional Designers to discuss mobile technologies and how they can be used to enhance learning.   Why DoubleDutch? This event was a perfect fit [...]


03rd Jun

DoubleDutch Powers CITE

Today DoubleDutch is making a splash at the CITE Conference (The Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise) for the second year in a row. We, obviously, love this event since is speaks to two primary DoubleDutch beliefs: mobilizing the workforce and consumerizing enterprise technology. We are so passionate about it, in fact, that Lawrence Coburn, [...]


30th May

Pulse 2013 Partners With DoubleDutch

The customer success event of the year, Pulse 2013, partners with DoubleDutch to provide attendees with a slick mobile application at their event. Bringing together the industry’s leading innovators in cloud computing, SaaS, software, advertising and other B2B products and services to discuss Customer Success strategies that can help companies proactively manage retention, reduce churn [...]


23rd May

What to Consider When Choosing a Multi-Event App

How to decide between a Single or Multi-Event App? Good question. Mobile event applications were initially designed to be a digital version of the traditional printed conference event guides.  When we started out, DoubleDutch would work with a client (like Cisco, for example) on many events. Organizations like theirs hold hundreds or even thousands of [...]