5 Must Attend Events for Event Marketers in 2017
As an event marketer, you spend a ton of time thinking about how to get people to attend your events. But, have you ever taken a second to pause and consider what events you should be attending to become a more well rounded, strategic marketer? We probably don’t need to tell you that no matter […]
A Marketing Outsider Takes a Stab at #Events – A Tale of Persistence
April 13, 2017
There are a lot of things I love about DoubleDutch. The product, the people, the stocked fridges… for a girl from the deep south, it’s more than I ever imagined when it comes to a job. During my two years here, I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible. I’ve been forever changed for the […]
5 Ways to Hack Your Recent Event for Future Content
April 6, 2017
Events are much more than logistical challenges to be solved, from session topics and travel arrangements to catering menus. They are a goldmine for marketers tasked with keeping the content engine humming. Not only are events a great way for marketers to find brand advocates who can spread your company’s message, but you can — […]
3 Event Strategies for Customer Marketers
March 30, 2017
As a customer marketer, I know there’s no better marketing tool than a happy customer who’s willing to speak on your company’s behalf. According to a recent study, customer recommendations are up to 10 times more effective in driving sales than a brand’s own sales and marketing efforts. Events are teeming with potential brand advocates […]
Three Post-Event Metrics Execs Actually Care About
March 23, 2017
For years, the payoff for event marketing spend was fuzzy. Companies held events because they knew events were probably valuable and worthy of a sizable chunk of the annual marketing budget, but they couldn’t precisely back up those beliefs with solid data. Not so any longer. Having a strong feeling about a marketing spend doesn’t […]
The Future of Events – Coaching Cloud, Simulation and Concierge
March 16, 2017
Inspiration often comes in bursts, and I recently had the good fortune of dropping into three conversations that influenced the way I think about technology’s role at live events.  The common thread of these conversations?  All three considered digital as a complement, not a replacement, for live events, and all three presumed that the data […]
Are you the next #EventProf of the Year Winner?
March 14, 2017
DoubleDutch is excited to announce we are now accepting submissions for our 2017 #EventProf of the Year Award! Today through March 31st, we are accepting nominations for the most incredible, talented, innovative #EventProfs in the event marketing space. Last year, myself along with our stealthy videographer, surprised all four of our nominees at their corporate […]
Make Live Events An Integral Part of Your B2B Marketing Strategy
March 10, 2017
At DoubleDutch, we strive to unlock the business value of human connections by bringing the power of digital to live experiences. This is the first post in our CMO Perspective #PowerofLive series, where we’ll interview some of the most progressive and innovative CMO’s to find out how they make live events a strategic part of […]
Hormel Events — Tried and True Promotion
March 7, 2017
Overview Every year, Hormel Foods Corporation – makers of Hormel® Chili, SPAM®, and home to a stable of global brands – hosts an internal meeting, spanning the course of one week, with a three-year group rotation. Years one and two bring the executive and management teams together, a group of over 200. In year three, attendance […]
A 4-Part Plan to Boost Attendee Engagement
March 2, 2017
Hi there! I’m Ashley Phelps, a Customer Experience Manager here at DoubleDutch. What’s that mean exactly? Well, basically I get to work with customers to make their app sparkle! Everyday I engage with incredibly innovative brands such as, GE, the E-Learning Guild, and Hilton. We work together on digital strategy, app configuration and content, and […]

Too many SXSW parties to choose from? Use the unofficial party app.

By |March 5, 2014|

The "almighty-festival-that-must-not-be-named” which draws more than 65,000 people from interactive, film & music industries kicks off Friday, March 7th in Austin, Texas. Are you ready?  Do you have a party plan?  A method to the party madness?  With more than 200+ parties, concerts, and live events taking place outside of the  800 sessions available at Interactive alone, [...]

European #MarketingProfs Converge at TFM&A

By |February 24, 2014|

Attention all you european #marketingprofs lucky enough to be attending the Technology for Marketing & Advertising (TFM&A) conference in London, you are in for treat! The conference now in its 14th year is the UK’s largest gathering of marketing and advertising professionals -- this February 25 & 26 they will be offering over 180 free [...]

DoubleDutch Goes BIG With MPI

By |February 19, 2014|

We are gearing up to finish off the month of February with not one -- but THREE Meeting Professionals International (MPI) events across the country. MPI is one of the largest and most vital global meeting and event industry associations helping it's members to thrive by building connections through knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. [...]

DoubleDutch Hits the Pacific at AIME Melbourne

By |February 16, 2014|

DoubleDutch is headed down under this week. (Sorry, we know that was lame, but couldn’t resist!) Let’s start again. The DoubleDutch team is headed to Australia for the Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meeting Expo (AIME), next week in Melbourne. The team will be on the exhibit floor demonstrating a new version of the event app and talking [...]

iBeacon and BlueTooth LE: The future of contextual events

By |February 12, 2014|

The tech industry is abuzz with talk of beacon technology, which utilizes Bluetooth connections to communicate messages between smartphones or tablets. Most of the threads you'll find online talk about how beacon technology will change the way we shop... until now. Today, DoubleDutch is thrilled to announce two new features are available in the award-winning event [...]

My Event Tech Dream for 2014: Open and Free Data

By |January 30, 2014|

2014 will be the most exciting year on record for event technology. The event landscape finds itself at the intersection of several technology megatrends - mobile, social, big data - that promise to reinvent the category, and to bring software to all corners of the meetings industry. Historically, software companies haven’t cared much for events. [...]

DoubleDutch Gets FRESH

By |January 24, 2014|

Hej! DoubleDutch is headed to Copenhagen, capital of the happiest country in the world, to participate in what is considered one of the freshest meetings on conference design and innovation.  FRESH is a gathering place for conference game-changers who are willing to test new technology, conduct scientific experiments, deploy new formats and introduce novelties.  DoubleDutch [...]

New Year, New App!

By |January 12, 2014|

Today we are delighted to announce the new and improved mobile event app, by DoubleDutch. With all the new possibilities unlocked by iOS 7, we decided to pour serious engineering juice into our app and make performance ten times faster. At conferences, connectivity is unpredictable and attendees don't want to wait a second longer than they need [...]

Happy Holidays from DoubleDutch

By |December 23, 2013|

From major product launches to countless app deployments around the world and a rapidly growing all-stay team, 2013 has been one yeti-sized year at DoubleDutch. The good news is, it doesn't stop here. Keep an eye out for major updates in the New Year. Until then, happy holidays from our team to yours! <3 DoubleDutch 

4 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption by Word of Mouth

By |December 19, 2013|

By now, you've likely heard all about how Beyoncé won the internet (and the World) with her recent, unannounced and un-promoted album release. In short, by relying solely on word of mouth marketing (read: zero paid promotion), Beyoncé was able to sell over 800,000 units in just a few days. Be the Beyoncé of Event [...]

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