We are happy to announce that Porkappolis, the brainchild of Gannett Media and new Cincinnati geosocial app, has launched! (iPhone link / HTML5 link). It is what we hope to be the first of many successful geosocial apps that focus on providing a new level of local quality that is unmatched by anyone else. So let’s get into how we see that happening:

Local Context: Oink if you love Cincinnati

Porkappolis is focused solely on Cincinnati and the surrounding region. It uses Cincinnati.com‘s great news and editorial content and existing relationships with the community that have been built over many decades in order to provide a smartphone app that is much more relevant and has much more utility than any other in existence. In short, Cincinnatians care more about Cincinnati than they do about New York, LA, or even Des Moines, so Gannett is providing an way for this community to stay connected, see local news based upon their location, and receive great deals all over the region.

Using the Custom Tab: Bringing home the Bacon

If ever there were a perfect use for our custom tab, this is it. Hyperlocal news, entertainment & events, and buying & shopping are served in a mobile site and powered by location. Hyper-relevant and extremely useful, we really give it up for the Cincinnati.com team for this one.

Local Deals: A pig in a new, ridiculously marked-down blanket

This one’s easy: you check in, and up pops a customized offer for a hyperlocal nearby venue. If you are out to dinner and check in you may receive an amazing ice cream offer for across the street. If you check in to a local gym you may receive an offer for a sporting goods store nearby. The beauty of this system is that Gannett already has the sales force and relationships necessary to take their local advertisers mobile and provide customized offers with an easy-to-track ROI.

Game Mechanics: Badges of honor

Without a doubt, the best badges we have ever seen. Well done, Porkappolis, well done.