Indoor Positioning. What does it mean?

Imagine if your attendees could see the location of help staff on a map. Imagine if your attendees could walk down an aisle in your expo hall and get more information about each vendor they pass delivered to their phone. And imagine the heatmaps you could generate to calculate vendor ROI based on foot traffic in the expo hall.

Fairly precise location positioning is pretty easy to do if your attendees are strolling around outside. Unfortunately, most events happen within huge vault-like facilities with thick concrete walls (convention centers, etc). Cell coverage is more spotty and location is more ambiguous.

Because of these obstacles, indoor positioning is a tricky problem that no event app vendor has attempted to solve. Until now.

DoubleDutch has partnered with WiFiSLAM to deploy indoor positioning technology at events with up to 15K people. Currently, indoor positioning operates only on Android devices, but iPhone is in the works.

If you can find a way to accurately position your attendees while they are indoors (with their permission, of course), you will open up a whole new world of functionality. The technology is integrated with the DoubleDutch event app and will work as long as attendees have the app downloaded on their mobile device.

Here’s a heatmap from the expo floor of real events (kept in small size for privacy protection). The areas attendees linger around and overall foot traffic patterns can be really interesting. Check it out:

expo floor heatmap

This technology unlocks never-before-seen data for event organizers… and it’s just the beginning.

Have you seen indoor positioning put into use at events? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Questions? Contact us to learn more about indoor positioning technology and it’s application at events.