Last month our award-winning mobile event app not only got a fresh look and feel, but got beefed up with new features designed to help drive adoption and engagement amongst attendees.

Improved Navigation

After researching and evaluating existing mobile UI best practices, we started with a complete design overhaul. A big part of this redesign is switching from a dashboard-style navigation to a new, slide out menu (popularized by leading social apps like Facebook and Path). This hybrid grid-list design pattern now gives attendees quick and easy access to the most used areas of the app. We’ve also taken the opportunity to double-down on social: the first thing new users now experience is the activity feed, drawing them into engaging social-rich features.


Session Tracks

Let’s face it – some agendas are just, complicated. Which is why we’ve added a Session Tracks filter to help attendees understand complex agendas and discover sessions that are relevant to them. Organizers can also auto-assign users to a specific track in the dashboard, which will automatically populate that user’s Personal Agenda with the appropriate sessions.



Event organizers are able to choose between two flexible question types: multiple choice and comment box. Surveys can be set up and edited in the dashboard at any time – changes are reflected instantly. In order to incentivize attendees to complete surveys, event organizers can also award points for individual responses. You’ll also have the option to make a survey global or specific to a Session or Speaker.


Promoted Messages

Event organizers have a powerful new communication tool and sponsorship opportunity with Promoted Messages. These messages can be set up and scheduled in the Dashboard to appear at the top of the Activity Feed – the most accessed area of the app – throughout the event. It’s a great way to communicate important event information to attendees, such as last minute room changes, or a sponsored message from exhibitors.

Dashboard Features

Our content management system, referred to as the Dashboard, is one of the most powerful features of DoubleDutch Events because it allows event organizers to configure their apps and add content on the fly. In this refresh you’ll notice a few improvements to the Dashboard that will make life easier for our customers.

Improved Analytics

The Analytics page in the Dashboard now gives event organizers a better view of app engagement. It’s now easier to see how often your app is being installed, how often users return to the app and what sections are being visited the most. These enhanced insights help event organizers make decisions about what content to include in future events and set benchmarks for increasing engagement.

Scheduled Push & Promoted Messages

Event managers are a busy bunch. To help make their lives easier, we’ve built in a new feature that allows them to pre-schedule Push Notifications and Promoted Messages. Of course, these messages can still be created and posted in real-time, but with the option of pre-scheduling these messages we anticipate more time for organizers to actually enjoy their events.

Read the official announcement on Market Watch, or request a demo today!