Today is the day for the expo of all expos. It’s called Expo! Expo! and is organized by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

We invite you to charge your phone (and your glasses!) while you discover truly cutting-edge, interactive mobile event apps. Stop by booth 746 to give your phone the gift of battery power, sip on the most basic and beautiful of all beverages (water!), and learn how to take your event to a whole new level with mobile technology.

At this event, we expect to see about 2,000 attendees 45% suppliers and 55% event organizers.

Our goal here is twofold:

1. Demo our product.

DoubleDutch is a highly interactive, brandable mobile event app that engages attendees and sponsors like never before. Event organizers can control the branding, content, geo-data, rewards, and game mechanics of their app. One app can power multiple events, which allows the community to live on. Attendees can access all event information, customize their own schedule, view maps, connect with other attendees, and push their updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — all from their mobile device.

It’s a product unlike all our competitors and we hope to demonstrate that. It’s not just an event guide (although it is that, as well). It’s the most engaging, interactive event app out there. Most of our app users access the app over 20 times per day. That’s engagement, right there.

2. Get some good booth ideas! We sell B2B and do a lot of shows, so I’m seeking ideas.

We have a large team here in Vegas — Lawrence, Pankaj, Peter, and myself (Jen). Stop by booth #746 today between 11am and 5pm to learn more, or email if you can’t make it.

A big day ahead!