Three days ago, The New York Times announced the release of The Scoop, an iPhone app for New York City that combines New York Times editorial content, geolocation / “check in” functionality, and game play to provide a new take on a mobile city guide.

It’s a pretty nice app.

But more important than the app itself is the message it sends to companies like Foursquare and Yelp. We think this message goes something like this:

“Hey Startups! We’re the New York Times. We have amazing content about New York City and an amazing brand. We know how to market to local New Yorkers. We’re not going to just roll over while you take our local city guide business from us. “

We think that this is a message that ALL of you local media companies should be hearing loud and clear.

You were providing city guides to your communities long before companies like Yelp were even conceived. You have databases full of interesting and engaging content about your community.

So why should we care?

Because here at DoubleDutch we are in the business of helping local city guides go mobile. With our geolocation platform and your content, we can forge a powerful partnership.

Here is what you can do with the DoubleDutch platform:

– Customize your own world of local venues: restaurants, parks, bars, events, music venues, etc. – with DoubleDutch, YOU decide what you want to include in your city guide.

– Customize the game play associated with how people use your app. Do you want to give stickers and points to people who go to museums on Thursdays? You can do that. How about people that go to the movies three Saturdays in a row? You can do that to.  The game is limited only by your imagination.

– Bring a city guide to market under your brand in under three weeks.  Yep, three weeks.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get off of the sidelines and retake your city.

Contact us today (visit our site to learn more and watch a video).

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