Smartphones are pretty amazing. Because of ‘notifications’, they have become the most engaging tools in the world. Users no longer have to ‘search’ for information — with the right apps, the right information is pushed to them. They don’t even have to be actively using the app to get important notifications pushed to their phone.

This has the potential to greatly impact events and conferences that have a native mobile event app.

Access to a real-time communications channel with event attendees has important implications on everything from the feasibility of late breaking schedule changes, to the promotion of high level sponsors.

The push notification tool provided on the iOS and Android operating systems is the perfect vehicle to provide this channel.  Several event app vendors (including DoubleDutch) provide the means for event organizers to send out mass push notifications to attendees, or to even segment by group.

In a somewhat extreme example of the value of this feature, we recently were powering a 4K event when tornadoes struck. ¬†Using our push notification messaging tool, the event organizers were able to quickly get everyone to safest place in the venue. The power of global push notifications is pretty impressive. It’s definitely a new trend that cannot be overlooked. Drop us a line to learn more.