DEMO 2012 is officially over and the winning demonstrators have all been announced. At this event, there was also an attendee winner, thanks to the interactive DoubleDutch event app.

Here’s how it works. For most interactions you make with a DoubleDutch event app (in this case, it was the DEMO 2012), users generate points. This means, every time you check-in to a places, session, demonstrator, or sponsor you get points.  The key is making these interactions quality interactions. So, if you add a thoughtful comment or photo with your check-in, you get additional points. Similarly, if you interact with other people’s activity, via ‘likes’ and comments, you are able to grab even more points.

Where do these points go? To the Leaderboard, that’s where. Some DoubleDutch app customers offer various prizes to the person on the top of the leaderboard. DEMO chose a really unique gift to give the leaderboard winner:

50 free drink tickets.

So… essentially this person became everyone’s new best friend. The lucky winner at this event was Carolyn Shmunis, Social Media Associate at RingCentral!


She managed to not only win the competition, but she did so with the most thoughtful contributions we’ve seen. Each comment was thoroughly thought out and her interactions were genuine. We appreciate users like this. If you’re at DEMO, maybe like one of her check-ins and she’ll gift you a drink ticket?


Here’s the big announcement. We caught just the tail-end on video: