Discover free event management resources for event marketers, association leaders and everything in-between. DoubleDutch discusses topics from event management software all the way to the evolution of event apps and beyond. We’re here to help you amplify engagement at your events, stay on top of event industry trends and be a better, smarter, event professional than you already are. So, whether you’re an event marketer with years of experience or a student of the field, we’ve got resources for you.
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S Featured Event Management Resources

Webinar: On-demand Product Tour

Discover the best way to digitally engage attendees during your next event, conference or trade show in the on-demand recording of our product tour.

Webinar: Event Marketing Gets a Mobile Makeover

Why should marketing executives care about mobile event tech? The data, that’s why. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn about event marketings mobile makeover.

Webinar: Using Event Data to Drive Revenue | SAP Success Story

See how SAP, a leading multinational organization, uses mobile event technology to give sales representatives the information they need to close business. Learn how to increase Event Attributed Revenue.

f Blog Posts

[Infographic] What Data Should Your Event App Give You?

This infographic demonstrates what data your event app can give you. From your top speakers to the most influential attendees, knowing the answer to all of these sections will make you a data-driven event organizer in no time.

Mobile Event App Design is About More Than Being Pretty

Your event app shouldn’t just look pretty, it should also be functional and easy to use. Frontend Designer, Chad Bercea, explains why usability is important in event apps.

What to Consider When Choosing a Multi-Event App

The Event Picker allows organizations to publish a single app that hosts multiple events simultaneously. This means attendees only have to download your app once – no matter how many events they attend. But, there are a few things to consider first…

Drive App Adoption with Pre-Event Creativity

Getting attendees to download and engage with your event app shouldn’t be a difficult process. Here are some creative ideas to get attendees to start downloading immediately.

4 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption by Word of Mouth

With an engaging event app experience, you’ll get attendees talking to one another and doing the app promotion for you.

Exceed Association Expectations with 365-Day Engagement

Discover how a mobile app can help your association exceed the expectations of stakeholders, members and sponsors and become a tool used to connect year round.

N eBooks

How Mobile Apps Enhance Internal Meetings

Leveraging a mobile event app during internal meetings and events not only adds an additional “cool-factor” to your event, it also makes it simple and easy for attendees to stay up to date and engage with each other.

5 Benefits of Going Mobile at Events

Learn how making the move to mobile engages attendees, reduces event costs and increases your return on investment.

Creating Social Buzz at Events

Written by our social media expert, this eBook offers tips on how to leverage social media before, during and after conferences and events to capitalize on word of mouth marketing and increase the virality of your event.

~ On-Demand Webinars

Event Tech Tools: Twitter

In charge of planning your event’s social media strategy? Think beyond the event hashtag and discover 5 proven strategies to supercharge your event’s presence on Twitter.

PR Pro Tips for Event Professionals

Experts from TriplePoint PR will share how to use publicity to your advantage, from building buzz in the lead up to your event, to planning the best onsite experience for media, and extending news stories after the conference.

Using Gamification to Incentivize Attendee Behavior at Events

Gamification is more than a buzzword. When employed as an event marketing strategy, gamification can massively increase attendee engagement and return on investment.

Using Data to Create Successful Events

It’s time to start thinking analytically about events. Join us and Eventbrite to learn how to set benchmarks, plan effectively, and evaluate your marketing channels.

Transforming Events Through Mobile

Mobile is impacting the event landscape. Top companies worldwide are looking for mobile apps to drive attendee engagement, gain key insights into attendee behavior, better demonstrate and increase return on investment.

Three Proven Ways to Thrill Attendees

Integrating mobile technology at events has created countless possibilities to listen to, and thrill attendees. DoubleDutch’s proven technology impacts the attendee experience for major events across the globe, and there are many lessons to share.

Unlocking New Sponsorship Revenue at Events

A mobile application for your next event doesn’t need to be a cost-center, it can be a money maker. Mobile is introducing new opportunities for event marketers to track attendee activity, receive enhanced data and analytics, and offer sponsors measurable ways to track sponsorship dollars and ROI.

Mobile Insider Tips for Internal Meetings & Events

“In today’s mobile work environment, apps and platforms that leverage social media and geo-tagging empower both employees and managers to be more productive and are key to driving profitability,” says Andrew Warden of Cisco. Mobile apps for internal meetings and events help ensure training content sticks, increase engagement and that private company data remains secure.

Proven Mobile Strategies to Engage Association Members

Learn strategies to engage association members during events and year-round utilizing the many benefits of going mobile. From continuing education to year-round membership engagement, a mobile event app can help associations innovate, motivate and increase member participation.

7 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Mobile Event App

Industry thought leader Lawrence Coburn covers topics like native vs web-based apps; promotional strategies, how long does it take, and what’s the app development process like?

Creating Dialogue Driven Events

Events are about creating a dialogue between attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Learn how smartphones are radically shifting the way organizers capture and utilize event-driven data to create dialogue-driven events.

Event Tech Tools: Evernote

Evernote can help you capture all your event details in one spot and be the ultimate team collaboration platform. In just one hour, you will leave knowing how you can use Evernote for event brainstorming, site visits, document storage and more.

Why Event App Engagement Matters

Events with a mobile application see a 33% increase in attendee engagement. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn from why event app engagement is so important to event professionals.

Event Tech Tools: Google Apps

Google is a powerful platform. Event professionals can share documents, integrate third party systems, record video interviews and more. Liz King walks you through 5 Google Apps Event Profs Should Know.

V Video

How to Optimize Your Event with Data

Industry thought leader, Lawrence Coburn, discusses how historically, there have been very few ways to track data from your event. Now, with advanced mobile technology, event professionals can use data to learn about attendee interests, and create better events in the future.

Mobile Event Apps: Ask Your Hard Questions

Lawrence Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder of DoubleDutch, sits down with Arnold Lagos of BCD M&I to answer your hard-hitting questions about mobile event applications. Questions like deployment timelines, feature sets,  cost, and more!

7 Things to Consider When Shopping for Event Apps

At the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago, IL, industry thought leader Lawrence Coburn gives you mobile insider tips. Covering topics like native vs web-based apps; promotional strategies, how long does it take and what’s the process like?

Event App Success Story: Cloudera

Discover how Cloudera, a leader in enterprise data-management, leveraged DoubleDutch to educate partners, prospects and clients on big data.

Event App Success Story: UBM Live for TFM&A

See how UBM Live used a DoubleDutch mobile event application to deliver content, create a thrilling attendee experience, and facilitate networking across attendees, sponsors, and organizers.

F Whitepapers

The Evolution of Event Technology

The events industry has evolved. We no longer need to rely on paper alone to deliver event content to attendees. There is a full spectrum of new possibilities with mobile to explore. Discover the past, present, and future of event technology.

Leverage Phone Addictions to Increase ROI

It’s no secret that people are addicted to their smartphones. Keeping attendees engaged during keynotes and sessions now requires a second-screen strategy. Is your events mobile strategy up to date? This whitepaper explores the science behind the modern attendee psyche and outlines proven ways to improve attendee focus and engagement.

O Resource Guides & Kits

The Official Event App Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a mobile event app partner isn’t always easy. This guide sheds light onto what to look for when evaluating mobile event app providers and gives you an easy way to keep track of them all.

The Complete Guide to Event App Promotion

An event application is only useful if attendees know about it. Learn best practices for promoting your event app using digital media, event signage, on-site support and so much more!

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