Today is the kickoff of DEMO Mobile 2013, a launch event focused on new mobile technologies. Hundreds of startups from around the world apply to launch their product at this event and 20 have made the final cut to take the stage. They will be judged based on design, innovation and market potential by prominent investors in the valley and other entrepreneurs.

DoubleDutch is proud to be the official mobile conference app provider for most DEMO events the past few years. We’ve powered DEMO events from Africa to San Francisco and many places in between. (We even made a video of our mobile app in use at DEMO last year. Watch the app in action.)

This is a very unique event — and it requires a one-of-a-kind mobile event app. They will be using the app to deliver surveys (see screenshots below), conduct live voting, highlight speakers, and engage attendees with stellar social features.

It’s comprised of demonstrations and sessions. Agenda items include: “You’ve Got 10 Million Users. Now What?” and “Remote Controls for Real Life” (the DoubleDutch team loves this stuff). The Keynote will be given by Vinod Khosla, “On Riding Industry Shifts.” After each demonstation, a panel of VC’s and established entrepreneurs will provide critique and feedback to the founders of the presenting companies.

The executive producer of DEMO is Erick Schonfeld, a well-known technology journalist and loved by many in the valley. Speakers include Steve Blank, entrepreneur and author; Matt Brezina the co-founder & CEO of Sincerely Inc (they help you mail greeting cards from an app); Garrett Camp, a serial entrepreneur (Uber, StumbleUpon) and investor based in San Francisco.

To summarize — DEMO Mobile has a good speaker lineup, cool content, passionate founders on stage, and a ridiculously cool mobile event app. Doesn’t get better then that.

If you’re headed to the event, download the DEMO Mobile app here:


Check out the super slick in-app surveys: