Yesterday we were privileged enough to be invited to present at DEMO, the greatest product launch conference in technology. CEO Lawrence Coburn and CTO Mathew Spolin took to the stage and delivered a top notch demo in front of a packed house. Check out the video below, which runs 6 minutes exactly:


Some key takeaways from the demo:

  1. DoubleDutch can be summed up as “Foursquare for the enterprise” and “Yammer for location”. At our core, we are a platform that provides branded geosocial applications to enterprises, events and conferences, universities, hotels and hospitality, and more
  2. HTML5 is here! We launched the app as an addition to our platform yesterday, and you can browse to on your smartphones to check out HTML5 in all its beauty
  3. Brands and communities can customize the DoubleDutch applications in three primary ways:
    • Branding: From the icon, splash screen, and colors to the name name and look & feel of the apps, the brand is completely yours. You can even update the app’s branding to fit seasonal campaigns, or promote upcoming events by the brand
    • Custom geodata: Upload rich content about venues along with their addresses to create powerful custom locations. They can be added on top of current locations, or create entirely new ones. For some creative examples, check out our case study for Collinson Pink Party.
    • Custom game mechanics: Promote and have fun with the activities that your community will enjoy. Don’t worry about other platforms and the games they decide to play, as you control the application and its competitive direction. Combine custom game mechanics with your custom venues for a killer one-two punch that no other app can provide
  4. What good is this without robust analytics? Each client has access to their application’s analytics dashboard, which provides real-time insight into the use of your application. See which venues are hot, which badges are popular, and which power users are ruling the app