For nearly 80 years, GQ Magazine has been known for its world class content for men that highlights the best of fashion, style, and culture.

In Sydney, Australia, GQ has also compiled best in class editorial reviews and photos of many of the top bars and nightclubs in the city. As helpful as this content was, until yesterday, it was not available to the people who could use it most – people who were out on the town, looking for their next stop.

Enter the DoubleDutch geolocation platform. By partnering with DoubleDutch, GQ was able to turn their best in class, local editorial content into the GQ BarSpy iPhone app – a social, playful, location powered city guide that combines GPS, game mechanics, and GQ content into a one of a kind experience.

Here are some of the things you can do with GQ BarSpy in Sydney:

  • Find world class bars and nightclubs that are nearby
  • Explore Sydney through the eyes of your friends and other partiers
  • Share your location with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Check out who is out on the town nearby
  • Earn “Rockstar” status at your favorite haunts
  • Earn points and stickers for your nightlife exploits
  • Compete with your friends and other Sydney people via a real time leaderboard of top partiers
  • Check out GQ tips, photos, and drink suggestions for the best spots in Sydney
  • Add your own favorite venues to the service
  • Post reviews and photos of your favorite venues

GQ has the content and community.  DoubleDutch has the geolocation platform.

Together, we have created a one of a kind mobile city guide.

You can see it in the App Store HERE.